Classic Material: 2Pac


Hey I don’t know how long this is going to be on YouTube, but this joint was crazy back in the day.  “How Do You Want It?” already featured K-Ci and Jo Jo of Jodeci, but Pac also made two videos.  One was racy, but clean.  The other let you know that the entire video was cast with porn stars.  Uhhhh, this joint has to be a youtube use violation, but get it while it’s hot.  This is Not Safe For Work.  You heaarrrrrd me?

Heather Hunter was pretty hot too.  (By the way, you want to know how to tell if you are a porn star?  If you google yourself with safe search on, and you get less than a third of the results that you get when you search with safe search off…you’re probably a porn star)

I wanted to throw up that “No More Pain” also, it features Lake’s favorite line to drop in the club.  “Hands on yo hips, no time for bullshit, freaky bitch come give me kiss”.  Beyond that the flow is actually pretty sick too, he rides that beat on this joint with technique that is waaaaay ahead of his time.


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One Response to “Classic Material: 2Pac”

  1. Klip Says:

    Funniest part about the uncensored vid is that the lyrics are still censored… “Comin’ up as a n____a in the cash game…” How’d they botch that one?!

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