Hillary’s New Campaign Philosophy: “If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Insinuate That They’re Muslim”


Damn, just when you thought things were going to get civil, Hillary Clinton and company put this picture out.


How fucked up is our culture that a picture like this is automatically understood as a full-on diss? You know Hillary and them were thinking, “ooh, if he had only left that watch at home.” I know, I know, there’s no proof that Hilly’s campaign actually released the photo and everyone who is actually calling them on this underhanded tactic are the ones being racist, xenophobic or bigoted (I can’t quite figure out which discriminatory effect they were going for), not Hilly C and her handlers.


Et Tu Hil-lay?

Pretty disgraceful actually. Makes you wonder why these Democratic operatives didn’t post this picture up back in 2000.


Or report the fact that George W. Bush is actually a black dude..


Lol.. Ok, that was terrible, I admit it.

Good bless Amurica..

– Lake

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