IRL and Champ Car have merged!!!!


Or maybe they haven’t.. hey guess what, I don’t give a hot damn either way.


Has there ever been a sport that is more useless than Indy Racing League or “Champ Car”… Listen, before people started bombarding me with news of this merger, I didn’t even know what Champ Car was. I mean, it already sounds like a boot leg, repackaged marketing play for children’s toys, in fact, if you told me that Hot Wheels and Stompers (those were hot toys) had merged, I literally would have been far more interested. At least those two products have a purpose. Look, I hate Nascar and all its derivatives. I hate everything about it. I’m tired of seeing Dale, Ricky, Jimmy, Bobby, Dale, Billy and Cade roll around a track turning left for 4 hours with little rhyme or reason. You can’t even tell who’s winning! How is that exciting?


Seriously, this is the worst “sport” ever. Nothing pisses me off more than rolling into my favorite sports bar and seeing those damn cars going around in a circle on a tv that should have “that game” on. And by “the game” I mean one of the legitimate sports with real athletes competing at the highest level. Not some southern fried freaks in their HGH mobiles, sucking down victory milk and occasionally doing a backflip out of the car (incidentally, that flip this the most athletic and interesting thing those fools do all day).


That just aint right.

I must say, the South has a long and storied history, both good and bad. My bad list reads like this:

1. Slavery

2. Jim Crow Laws

3. KKK

4. Nascar

5. 69 Boyz, Tag Team, 95 South and the rest of the Booty Shake genre


1. Sweat Tea

2. Duke Basketball

3. Delicious Soul Food

4. Outkast

5. Bodacious Booty

– Lake

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7 Responses to “IRL and Champ Car have merged!!!!”

  1. Knine Says:

    I had to tell you fam, this blog is one of, if not the coldest on these internets, clever, current, crazy as hell!! I check this site like it was my email!

    Keep it bangin!

  2. Johnny Blake Says:

    I must humbly agree, all this Nascar shit sucks ass. Bunch of North Carolina hicks getting drunk is all it is.. It shouldn’t be on espn…

  3. Jim Crow Laws » Blog Archive » IRL and Champ Car have merged!!!! Says:

    […] BlueKC […]

  4. lindy Says:

    Wow, that explains it….no wonder anyone south of Baltimore and west of Colorado is an idiot you drink “sweat” tea…and here all this time you told us it was “sweet” tea. christ on a crutch…now I get it.

    Add this to your bad list: cockroaches, hillbillies and alligators

  5. lindy Says:

    I is the idiot, I meant east of Colorado…

  6. lindy Says:

    Two more for the bad list

    ….southern accents because they drop your iq by about 20 points. No matter what you say, if you say it with that southern drawl, you sound like a moron. People from Staten Island sound the same way…really stupid.

    Having southerners complain about the north and the Civil War. My ancestors didn’t even know you existed…we were trying to make a living on the plains. Get over it, it was almost 150 years ago.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    LOL.. good eye on that “sweat” tea.. I think I like it better the wrong way though.. “sweat tea” it is.. nice.

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