F*cking Hilarious: Jerry Springer is still doing it


Dude, I may be going to hell for this one, but it’s worth it.

Fucking hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Proof positive that trifling, scandalous hizzoes come in all sizes..LITERALLY. haaaa


– Low Lake

5 Responses to “F*cking Hilarious: Jerry Springer is still doing it”

  1. UNBELIEVABLE CLIP FROM JERRY! JERRY! JERRY! « MRod says: Cancel your dinner reservations Says:

    […] 22, 2008 · No Comments First noticed by the Us Versus Them crew on the 20th floor of our building (the floor incidentally where fly models alway…, this video from the Jerry Springer Show left me speechless.  I didn’t laugh at all, except […]

  2. Johnny Blake Says:

    Damn, that is some hilarious shit. This blog is crazy, I love it.

  3. G rock Says:

    Fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Original Man Says:

    This aint got shit to do with Jerry but this shit deserves its own post in the future. LOL


  5. MD JAY Says:

    MAN WHERE DO I START! In the most wrong way possibly that is the most funniest youtube clip ever. The little dude “THE SMALLER ONE OF THE TWO” LOL….. Looked like a baby Komodo dragon…. Never been into blogs but now im a fiend!


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