Classic Material: “Pony” by Ginuwine


I know Lake’s classic material usually focuses on stuff that is actually good. I prefer to go with the ridiculous.

That video is foolish from the first open-shirt shimmy slide that Ginuwine does across the stage. Wait, lets back up to the fact that this cat spells his name Ginuwine. Where did he get that spelling, from Flavor of Love? Did Deelishis, Buckeey, and Hoopz help him with the spelling of that name? Lake mentioned that he thought this song was being performed by a woman the first time he heard it. I mean the “baby hair” slicked down, ridiculous sideburns, the full on stripper dance moves. This is pure comedy. The black guy in the saloon theme, everything.

What the hell do the lyrics mean?

I’m just a bachelorrrrrr,

Lookin’ for a Part-na!

Someone who knows how to riiiiiiiide,

Without even falling ooofffffffff.

Seriously, this dude launched his whole career on that BS.

You know what is hot though, is that Timbaland beat. The glorified beatbox, the wild sound effects, the pre-neptunes mid 90’s belonged to Timbaland. Here’s another hot one:

That beat was hot too. On a side note, how dame fine would Aaliyah be right now?


She’d be fully marinated and thickened up by now. Damn.

Back to the subjectI think timbaland had me buy at least six albums I would not have bought otherwise. Ginuwine, Missy, Aaliyah, the whole crew. Quietly, that man Timbaland is having the most success ever on that Shock Therapy album. The crazy thing is there are still some hot joints on there. This dude may be five singles in right now. Beyonce and Rihanna albums are about the only joints that get five singles deep these days. Not only that, but this dude is killing white radio. You know what that means. It means Lake and his boys will be running these joints for at least another 9 months.

Give it to Me

The Way I Are


Apologize (two Versions)

Throw It On Me

Seriously, five singles off of a Timbaland album? With videos and everything? Do you know how much loot this cat has to be raking in right now? Old Timbo albums (let’s call it the Magoo era) were usually good for one radio ready beat and a big pile of BS. I guess he put is album on that Roger Clemons treatment like he did himself, because this album is on swole.


I wonder if the album is also greasy…and silly looking…and playing itself. My Bad.


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