Throw some C’s on that ‘chick’


Just bought a Cadillac… Hey, I respect the woman who wants an upgrade but instead of going from an A- they raise it on up to a C+. But you just gotta know as a celeb that you’re going to get called out for it. This is a picture of Kelly Rowland in August of ’07.


This is her this week.


Side by side please…


No question, she’s on that silicone juice. Hey, if you’re in entertainment you kind of have to go to it I guess. It’s just a prerequisite. I don’t know, I like the old innocent Kelly a bit more.

Project Cougar Mission, item 1 is now complete.

– Lake


I wonder if Beyonce hit her with a severance package from Destiny’s Child and said “Let me Upgrade U“.  If so, Thick ass Beyonce shoulda given her some of all that wagon shes draggin’.


My bad.


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