Unfit Mitt hits the f*ckin bricks


Mitt Romney and his campaign got the fuck out of dodge “for America” as he just put it in his quitter’s speech just minutes ago.


Well, finally something Mitt and I agree on. Mitt, you had no business running for President in the first place.


Now go back to your Malibu Barbie playhouse, kiss wives number 6,12 and 23 and figure out a way to get Bill Hendrickson out of the bind he’s having with Alby, Roman and those wild compound renegades he’s beefing with over Weber gaming.


Oh well, I’ll miss cracking jokes at Mitt’s expense, but look at the bright side, at least those illegals can get back to work on Mitt’s lawn. Lol.

God bless Amurica,

– Lake Romney

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