Classic Marlo: “You want it one way”


Look, Marlo is the illest tv gangster since…well, since Avon Barksdale. If you don’t know who Marlo is then you’re just sleeping on the best show on tv, The Wire, or you hate straight up gangsterism (ha) and then I just have to ask, why are you reading my blog? Step off. LOL. Anyway, it’s impossible to get all of Marlo’s hot sequences, but this one just happens to be up on youtube, so I’ll post it.

Man, Marlo is so ill and yes, inside of 48 hours that cat ended up dead inside of a vacant row house.


Marlo is as ruthless as the devil “hisself”… Hot.

– Lake

3 Responses to “Classic Marlo: “You want it one way””

  1. Pandemic Says:

    dude Marlo is so cold blooded. What’s your prediction how the season ends with regard to Marlo? I think he lives..

  2. Lake Arlington Says:


    I don’t know. I think because Marlo is so very ill, they’ll have to snake him in some way. Either sent to jail or killed by Chris. He and Chris are starting to show divergent views on how best to do business, but like Avon and Stringer did. If the theme of the show is that the more things change the more the stay the same and you can’t reform anything, then that means that someone else will slide into Marlo’s place. Be it Michael or Avon coming back out of jail, nothing will really change. I see it almost like Michael Corleone, he was so ill that he had to be made to suffer when they killed his daughter. Best show on tv though.. hands down.

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