Why am I so interested in Erin Andrews?


Look, we’ve talked about Erin Andrews before. Yep, she was that chick we had to call out for the Negative Arse syndrome. So you’d think that’d be the end of it but then I caught her during the timeout at the Penn State v. OSU game the ‘nother night and got to thinking. I kind of hated on her before, but this chick is actually pretty dope. I know, I know, she’s just not right for KFC thigh and tail appreciating Lake, right? I mean, no matter how much you try to change what you see in charcoal grey, you still have to acknowledge what’s going down in orange.


True, not matter what she does, the babe will never look like this:


Whoa, let’s just stop the production for a second. No matter how much I say it, I just have a hard time believing that the rest of you have a full appreciation for how fucking dope Jessica Biel really is. My goodness. This babe is just other word and it’s literally head to pink toe.

So why am I so enamored with Erin Andrews?


Oh yeah, her J game (again Js are breasts) is off the meat cleaver and her face is pretty stupid as well. I don’t know, I guess it’s just in my DNA or a throwback to the Lakey years of yore. I can’t seem to shake the slim white woman with the superior J game and flowing captain caveman wigpiece. I just can’t. Dammit.

And by the way, how tall is young Erin?


Baby girl is literally IN the huddle on this shot. Hell, with Penn State’s horrible squad, she’s probably be an upgrade at shooting guard. Got dammit those Js are sitting on dubbs.. I can’t look at this anymore. WAIT A SECOND: Upon further review there may actually be something more than nothing to that tail. Angle two please intern:


There clearly is no depth to it, but I’m somewhat impressed with the spread game. There may be something there to work with yet. Hey, whatever instinct led me to write this post knew there was something more to her lower half. From the waist up it’s lovely. That is a fact, but we’ll have to keep an eye out for more information on the posterior. Who knows, maybe she’s doing lunges and squats right now.

– Lake


4 Responses to “Why am I so interested in Erin Andrews?”

  1. LaRhonda Says:

    You are retarded!! LOL

  2. Denise Says:

    Not sure why guys need all that ass… Real men work with the front of a woman, top to bottom!!!

  3. Will Says:

    I think that Jessica Biel is really an Amazon goddess of mythical proportions. I think she came to Earth to show us mere mortals that the time of PAWGs (Phat-Ass White Girls) is nigh at hand.

  4. tommy Says:

    because shes fuckin sexyyyy 😛

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