Super Tuesday Update



Super Tuesday is in full effect and as predicted, the Democrats are in a full on slugfest.  Right now Obama has Illinois, Georgia, Delaware, Alabama and is looking strong in North Dakota of all places.  Clinton is projected to win New York, Jersey, Arkansas, Massachusetts, Oklahoma and Tennessee.  But with delegates being split by percentage, the delegate count is going to stay close.


On the Republican side the big surprise is Huckabee is winning the Bible belt.  Bama, Arkansas, and West Virginia are already in his pocket.  This dude just said that he is going to pin a “going out of business” sign on the IRS.  I mean he goes hard.  Tim Russert said that he wants to show John McCain that he would be a great VP because he is “doing the Lords work” in the south.


I guess Guns, Jesus, and no taxes still plays in the Dirty South.  McCain sill still have a commanding lead when all is said and done, but Huckabee is certainly an interesting foil for a man who they say isn’t conservative enough.  Meanwhile, this man Romney is becoming irrelevant very quickly.  Tough.

How the hell do they make these projection calls anyway.  Especially five minutes after the polls close?  Then in other races, like Connecticut where Obama was up 75% early they hold off on making the call.

I still think Obama has it, we will see what happens in California.


If you smeeeeelllllllllll la la la la la ooooowwww, what Barack….is cookin’.


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5 Responses to “Super Tuesday Update”

  1. h8torade Says:

    for god’s sake…please keep that crazy bitch Hillary out of office…..

  2. RosyF Says:

    H8tor – are you serious? Is that the best you can come up with? Hillary is a crazy bitch, that is so cliche. Please articulate on why she is a crazy bitch? And pretty please come up w/ something more original than she can suck your d*ck or some other trifling comment.

  3. LaRhonda Says:

    While putting a “Going out of Business” sign on the IRS sounds very cute and great in theory–I’d like to see him try to pull that off. America will truely go to hell if regular folks like us stop having to pay taxes cuz percentage wise the regular folks contribute more of their income to taxes than the rich. So while Huckabee might be showing a strong stand, I’m personally pulling for McCain because I’ve heard him say on more than one occasion that staying the course in Iraq is the best option. So if he gets the Republican nomination–given that most of the country is AGAINST the war–a democrat is sure to win the presidency if people don’t come down with a “case of the stupids” like they did in the 2004 election that reelected Bush.

  4. Denise Says:

    No shit, the guys who do this site are either perfectly well rounded or complete and other assholes or both. I must say, this thing is damn near genius though. I thoroughly enjoy it, especially for the diversity in topics. Ok, no more accolades… – D.

  5. Roles the Dime Says:

    Hillary is a raging bitch and Bill needs to just go away. I’m not voting for that.. It’s time for new blood. Watch the GOP is going to win again.

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