MTB4: Do you have ‘bitchassness’ in you?


WOW, again Diddy delivers a solid episode replete with highs and lows on the music tip and staged eerrrr real life human drama between the different Bands. Oh and he coined a new term: Bitchassness, but we’ll get to that later.

Incidentally, can we get a name for the guy’s band? I’m tired of saying Willie ‘n Dem. Oh hell, someone just hit me up saying the name of the group is “Day26.” Umm, I don’t get or like it, but whatever.


Now before we get into the episode, we’ll have a part of this post I’ll call, What the fuck is Aubrey talking about?


Last week it was that ridiculous talk about “do you understand who you’re riding with, this is Danity Fucking Kane” and “I got out with my friends and they take pictures of my boobs”… Come on player. Anyway, this week in “what the fuck is Aubrey talking about” is in regard to her assessment of Robert:

“Like, I think he’s so talented and all but his ego is like his problem. I saw that he was out of control and like, he just doesn’t know who he is yet.”

Now, of course, everything she said was true, but we don’t need that from her. Again, baby, you’re not hot. You’re an entertainment geriatric at 25 years of age with plastic lips and large balloons stapled to your chest piece.


You shouldn’t be talking about ANYBODY. Though she does not look bad there. Ha.. I can’t lie.

Anyway, I found the rest of the show to be pretty entertaining:

1. Puff calls out Robert’s Bitchassness:

Look anybody who has watched the show for a while understands that Robert is crazy talented. I’d say that homey has the best voice even. But best voice doesn’t necessarily mean you get all the shine or that all the songs will be right for you to take the lead. Homey just needs to play his position and be cool. Now, we know MTV can hit you with the ill editing to make it look like you’re fucking up in the booth while talking hella shit, but that’s exactly what we saw.


Robert failing to come through, then turning around and talking like a disgruntled woman. I don’t want to hear that shit. Just be cool, sing the songs, fall back when necessary and start actually coming through with the goods in the booth.

But that’s not what homey was doing and eventually, the fellow band mates essentially caused a mutiny. What was hilarious about it was that the cat who acted like he didn’t want to say anything, Brian, is the exact cat who went ahead and dimed Robert out to Puff. I mean, they just did Robert wrong. Showed him no respect at all:

Diddy: Why do yall sound so bad? Is there a problem within the group?

Brian: Yeah, I’ve got a problem with Robert, we all do.

Robert: Why didn’t yall come to me with this?

Willie: Every time I deal with you dog, you be on some real ego trip shit.

Robert: Dog, my feelings are just hurt (mistake).


Puff: Robert, you not the leader of the fucking group

Rob: Blink blink, sob sob

Puff: You aint the lead singer of the fuckin group!

Dude, that was ill. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Robert or any more embarrassing, then Puff got the rock, pushed the muthafucka out on the break and dunked on Robert before he could establish position.


Dude, it was ill:

Diddy: There’s a very contagious disease that’s in our community of Bitchassness.

Robert: (still reeling and downright speechless at the disloyalty from the fellas)

Diddy: Do you have some bitchassness in you?

Robert: (No response, but this picture gave all the response that was necessary)


Puff: No real talk. DO YOU?! (and he really squared him up on that uncle who is allowed to lay hands on you level)

Rob: Nah

Diddy: Because I saw some bitchassness in you by the way you handled shit with your girl. (Argh, that shit reminded me of that “don’t be pussy whipped, whip that pussy, bang, bang, bang” speech Dude’s Pops gave Eddie Murphy in tu Puff-ay?)

Diddy: There will be no bitchassness at Bad Boy!

Then Diddy walked out as he was literally laughing and so was I.

Lordy.. I mean, where do I begin. Oh yeah, isn’t this the same shit I said back in the day with regard to his girl June? I mean, for real. This cat just let ole girl speak any ole way to him while homey was stepping out of the group and just generally acting bitchy. I told homey then to lose that chick as she was nothing but trouble. Then I went into Lakey PI mode and unearthed some pictures of her to try and understand why in the hizzell he’d ever let a chick punk him like that on national tv.


Uh huh…


Ok, I see it a lil bit. Baby girl is ok, especially for a middle tier ’round the way girl, but he had to know that her rhetoric was punishable by death as far as that relationship goes. I mean, you’re about to be a star and you’re letting ole girl pop off like dat?


Hells no. Diddy saw it, Lakey saw it…hell, you know the bandmates saw it. It’s like ole boy told Eddie Kane, Jr. when Baby Doll rushed in on them, “Eddie, you aint got your woman in check?” Rob, the cat is out of the bag and unfortunately, the cat is YOU. Get your mind right homey and “make that change.”


Seriously, go watch “The Mack” or check out how Ike Turner used to run things. Something, anything, but you gonna have to do better, son.

And that little run-in you had with “D. Woods” (Why?) wasn’t much better, either.


I mean, damn kid. If you and June weren’t together anymore and the myspace wasn’t a big deal, don’t get mad, just play it cool. Instead you tried to lash out and really live up to those “you’re just a drama king” words that June hit you with during season one. Anyway, you went from possibly getting with D. Woods to her throwing you the now outlawed NFL slasher sign also known as the international symbol for “loser, say no more.”


Damn, ugly. Don’t argue with them, just placate, pimpulate like John Brown from the White Rapper Show and make em wait like my man Richie McDay says in the BK, alright?

2. Qwanell continues to earn masculinity points

Hey, I must say, Q showed me some more progress tonight and I’m happy to report it. I don’t know, there’s just something new about this cat.

I guess what we’re really seeing is a young cat who is finally growing up. Dude just has a different swagger all together. I’m not sure if it was staged or not, but homey was laying his game down quite flat with Dawn. I mean, homey had her on the ropes. I especially liked how he told her that “women love my look” and “yes, I’d say I’m a ladies man.” Then he promptly followed that up with an appropriate compliment for Dawn. Very nice.


I guess those lessons at the Lake School of Pimpology up there in Rochester paid off, huh? Anyway, he’s not out of the “might be gay woods yet,” for that he’d have to knock off Dawn, leave her and then re-up with a badder chick, but it’s a step in the right direction. Q, I’m definitely feeling you right now (no homo). Keep at it, son.

3. The Church foolishness at the end

After all kinds of wildness throughout the episode, the Bands needed to go to Church to wash those sins away. Aubrey had her hand in the air like she was a 43 year old black woman from Macon, GA givin’ praise, only she had her “earthly flesh” dutifully exposed and a sarcastic grin upon her enhanced grill piece. Donnie played the roll of the white dude who had never been to a holy rollin’ black Church. Standard rhetoric from him, “It just had so much energy and it was good to be a part of ‘that’.” Let me translate that for you guys, “What the fuck was that?” Come on now, you know Donnie is Catholic and you know he has never seen anything like that, least of all that damn funky chicken dance Q did when he “caught the spirit.” Yeah, that dance was like if you took the Alpha train and the A-Town Stomp smashed them together in a most unholy union and then just pushed double fast forward on your dvr. It was wild.


Let me ask yall spirit catchers a question, why is it that the spirit gets caught in some churches and not others? What about speaking in tongues? Why is that only limited to a few spots? I can’t figure it out. I know, I know, I just need to come to know Him like Q, Robert, Aubrey and Big Mike. One day.

– Lake

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30 Responses to “MTB4: Do you have ‘bitchassness’ in you?”

  1. Making the Band 4, Season 2 Premiere « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Making the Band 4, Season 2 Premiere UPDATE:  Check out how Diddy hit Robert with that Bitchassness blast in episode 2 HERE […]

  2. brokeymcpoverty Says:

    holy hellballs! that picture of aubrey.. i.. i just dont know what to say. sht, i know what to say, I KNEW IT. you and that picture just made me not feel bad about thinkin that there’s just somethin real gutter and dirty about her.

    holy hell.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Yeah, it looks like she literally just came up from giving the camera man a microphone check. It’s pretty nuts.

  4. June (robert's June) Says:

    this blog is funny…ummmm u could have got some better pics of me by the way…Anyway, I didn’t punk Robert…just like u said earlier….the editors are good at what they do. anyway…for those who are interested, ya girl June wrote a book called, The Girls Love the Boys in the Band…and yes I talk about our relationship…i dig deep…so check it out…
    and for those who haven’t seen my myspace already (thank u d woods)…u can check out the first 3 chapter of my book on my myspace.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Daaaaaayum June, for real, it’s you? Come on now. I’ve been talking about you for a clean 8 months, you just hollerin now? You’ve gotta shout at us some more. We need some pictures and your exclusive take on this whole MTB4 thing.. Now June, you did have some harsh words for young Rob, come on. ha! That “drama king” was ill.

    The real Mrs. Curry, isn’t that Rob’s last name? Does that mean you’re married? Damn homey, I’ll definitely get up on that myspace site and will give it some shine when I write about the show next week, but you need to come holler at us. Care to do a guest post our the site to promote the book? We’re honored. LOL. I love it.

  6. Dede Says:

    Wow!! June is right this is funny.. Dont believe everything you see on TV the producers have a way of making you see what they want you to see. And that pic you put up of me Donnie and June was touch.. Make sure you check out my lil sis June’s book. Its bound to be a best seller. And thanks for supporting my brother Robert as well!! Be blessed!!

  7. June (robert's June) Says:

    lol…just tell me how u want to go about it and we sure can:) And he was definitely bringing the dramatics…but hey, so was I.…but I have been calling myself that for years…maybe if u could send me your email…i could help u out with the pics.

  8. jonathan Says:

    Q is definitely gay! I know this PERSONALLY for a fact because he was at the gay club here in ATL over Labor Day and MLK weekends – both big gay event weekends here. Yeah, what y’all see on the show is a front for the cameras. Sorry!

  9. Trayneka Says:

    Q aint gay. U just a f*cking hater wishing he had his member in your mouth. U know this personally? What kind of gay shit is that. How can I trust some homo from Atlanta telling me a dude I grew up with is gay. I know personally too, only I’m a girl. If u weren’t there or don’t have pictures, then u don’t know. If u was there, then u a gay yourself. Sit your ass down and get off of Q’s.

  10. JNME2U Says:

    June:, Are you trying to piggyback off of Robert’s success that God has blessed him with ?… “To much is given much is required.” Allow God to exalt you dear one… and He will cause you to be recognized in His due season…Peace

  11. June (robert's June) Says:

    U are absolutely right about God is going to do things in his season…I told Robert a long time ago that the first book I publish is going to be about us…I didn’t become a writer overnight…God blessed me wit that talent…and that is the gift that he gave me that is going to make a way for me…and GOD is he one that is controling everything going on, NOT ME…I went fom promoting my book on myspace by myself…to having my myspace esposed to the world…that is a blessing that i recogize that you don’t…because now…thousands of people want to read my book. All I had to do is sit back and chill…God blessed the both of us!!! This is God’ will, not mine….no need to piggyback off of Robert…cause the last time I checked…I didn’t put myself on tv…the producers did. I would rather make money with him…then take money from him..we can build something together…ain’t nothing wrong with that.

  12. JNME2U Says:

    June:, Thank you for the explanation that you have given about your book. I appreciate you giving God the glory and yes. He has blessed you and will conitnue to (as you well know) ..when you put Him first..And then the world will see His goodness through you dear one.. Stay Blessed and thank you for your time…

  13. Lake Arlington Says:

    jnme2u Do you think He blessed this blog too?

  14. JNME2U Says:

    Lake Arlington:, Whosever believes is blessed ! This is the first time I have experience being on a blog. But me as an individual feel blessed to have come across it. I feel that to have an open forum is an opportunity to share, express and just be able to reach out to hurting people as well. That’s what God is about. So to answer your question this blog is blessed because it is an avenue to reach people from all walks of life.

  15. RosyF Says:

    June, you seem like a nice, attractive, ambitious young lady, so why do you go around calling yourself Mrs. Curry? You are not married and playing house doesn’t count. And please don’t tell me you are married spiritually (a la Brandy). If and when you get married mazel tov in the mean time go by your own name.

  16. Gena Marie Says:

    This is crazy. All over this dude. My girl D. Woods is so more than this. It really is beneath her, this right here is how rumors get started. Why do we do this to each other. To me its all stupid. He tried to pursue D, but oh then she finds a little something on him now, girl got a book coming out come on this sure does sound familiar. UH????? Does Superhead ring a bell. When you put yourself out there and you dont get the feed back you want that is your fault. Then everybody want to make a big deal off of it. What’s your talent besides well I dated a couple of celebs and entertainers you get no props for that. You are than known always as a groupie. Like the tip drill video [OMG] people made the biggest deal out of it. But if women stop using theirselves as a stepping stone and using their brains here goes that ronnie quote “You gotta use what you got to get what you want” type stuff. It’s crazy where this world is going. God aint in no mess yes thank him for your blessings but all this is some mess.

  17. Lake Arlington Says:

    Yo June, I hit you on your email address. Holler back.

    – Lake

  18. Sweet T Says:

    This is some funny shit.. I hope you guys keep doing your thing and keepin it real.. truth or not. saying what everyone is thinking and too afraid to say is def. keeping it real to me..halarious.. This blog is now in my favorites. And Ive posted a link to it on some of my sites just so the rest of my friends can enjoy the same dying laugh I just got.. Lmao.. Thanx.

  19. June (robert's June) Says:

    I got your email by the way….now let’s something straight..Superhead and June can’t even be compared….The only thing we have in common is he fact that we have written a book. Her journey and my journey are totally different. I believe that Superhead specifcally wrote the books she wrotr, no to teach a lesson to women, but to tell the business of not only her personal life, but the one’s she encountere. I believe that she would do all of what she has done again to sale moe books. People are nosey. They want to know who’s doing dirt. When you go buy her book, you’re not going to buy her book with the entensions of geting something out of it. My book can inspire women to grow…it can push artist trying make it in theis industry not to give up…it can let those who have been through what i have been through, feel like they are not alone.

    Just for the record, I don’t even mention D woods in this book…may be next time (lol)…but for real, that book was written way before season 2 came out.

    And I am more than just a girl who dated a celebrity. I was with im before he became one….and if God placed it on my heart then so be it. Obviously, it was meant to happen this way. I have been a writer since I was 12. I am no rookie. Suoerhead wasn’t a writer. I bet money that whoever reads my book, is not going to feel like it was something that was just put together.

    Oh yeah, I ave been calling myself Mrs. Curry for a looong time now…and so has he. Keep in mind that what you all are watching is entertainment people! It may be called reality tv, but it’s still meant to ENTERTAIN! Don’t elieve everything you see.

  20. June (robert's June) Says:

    excuse my typos

  21. Valentine’s Day Is Player’s New Year! « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] gone?  Did you check over by the Making the Band 4 Posts?  They love […]

  22. KittyKat Says:

    The Danity Kane girls are so full of themselves. Wow you have a platium album big fuckin deal. Honestly, Aubrey needs to tune it down a little, bcuz shae reall can’t sing that good, plus she is not cut at all. It seems like bcuz their signed with Diddy they think their the hotness. WRONG! SO WRONG! I very much doudt if they get any farther in their career. Danity Kane think, if you were that hot you wouldn’t have to still perform in nearly empty basketball stadiums. BITCHES!!!!

  23. MTB4 - Episode 4, Aubrey v. Donnie « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] Bitchassness was in the air when they taped that show for last night. First these cats sell Robert out to Diddy back in the day, now this. Look at how they handled the Donnie/Aubrey date situation. That whole, “Did yall kiss” and “Dude we kissed” exchange just shows how sensitive these creative types are. I mean, why are dudes sitting around with each other, blushing like some women, asking about what outfit he wore and whether he felt butterflies?! BE MEN!!! […]

  24. Twisell Says:

    I felt bad for Robert having that televised but I think he does have that bitchassness in him. If he aint messing with June any more then he shouldnt have really worried about what D. Woods found out. I dont think the guys sold him out. Thats how thiings get outta hand in the first place cause nobody wanna say anything and just let it go on and on. I think sitting around talking about what happened on a date is what guys do. I do the same thing, if I got a homeboy excited about a date with some girl, as soon as the date is over, im gonna ask him what happened and thats just how it is…..

  25. Twisell Says:

    I dont know who is saying Q is gay? He might be gay but I dont know him like that. If you didnt know, read Karrine Steffans first book. She says that Diddy took her and Xzibit to a gay club. Does that mean Diddy is gay cause he hangs out at a gay club sometimes? I dont think it does and you cant judge someone based on who they hang around or where they might decide to hang out…..

  26. markos Says:

    peep the link to the Bitchassness shirt!!!!

  27. Prowoman Says:

    Brock and Lake, ya’ll already know what it is. Give us that Brock and Lake official definition of Bitchassness….c’mon let’s have it.

    If anybody can do it, you guys can.

    Of course diddy’s doing what he does best creating a fad with resulting tee shirt for profit. He’s milking this bitchassness shit for all it’s worth.

    Gotta admit, I thought of ya’ll ‘n this blog when Puff mentioned how Rob handled that phone call.

    Don’t know if I’d call Puff an entertainment genuis. Opportunist yes, genius no. If he was a genius, his record label would still be successful. Was glad to hear him finally admit what we already know….he’s not making money from music anymore. Duh…that’s what happens when you drive away all not some but ALL of your original money-making acts, because of whatelse…..BITCHASSNESS.

    I’m feeling and fearing for the careers of the MTB4 acts. Most of them are talented and would be legit stars in the industry, win grammys etc, if they were on other labels.

    It’s a pitty they gotta deal with Diddy!!!!

  28. Genesis Says:

    So since you been calling yourself Mrs. Curry and still do, then you and he are together right? Because in the finale you say you guys aren’t. So what is it? If you aren’t with him don’t play like you are because that makes it seem like you are “piggybacking” off of him, and if you are his chick why the hell did you not claim him on the finale when you were asked pointblank? Just curious.

  29. dickard Says:

    The Bitchassness Shirts have arrived!!!!

    Stop the Bitchassness


  30. I Want To Work For Diddy: Episode 2 « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] a second.  Is that June, Rob’s ex lady, rocking the No Bitchassness shirt?  That’s […]

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