2 Elephants 1 Trunk


I don’t know if this is gay, or animal erotica, or what the hell it is. It’s not quite funny, it is kinda disgusting, although not as bad as whatever happened here, and I don’t quite know what to think of the family who taped it with kids clearly present…or how long this elephant was doing this before they caught it on tape. Fine, take a look…wait until the end for the “money shot”.

Okay fine, we at least need some classic UvT humor to break the uncomfortable silence, right? Uhhhhh, “How’s that for Junk in the Trunk?”, or “When it comes to brown-nosing, elephants really know how to kiss ass!”, or awwww fuck it. That shit ain’t right.


Shout to MRod for finding that video. Should I actually thank him for that? Is he sicker than I am because he found it first? I’m out, dammit.

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