Bobby Knight out at Texas Tech


With Bob Knight you have to expect the unexpected. As such, the General is out at Texas Tech.


Don’t worry Indiana errrr Texas Tech fans, Bob Jr. Jr. Patrick Knight will take over for his pops. I don’t know much about Pat, but if he’s half as wild as pops then I can’t wait for his press conference as the head coach. Speaking of press conferences, let’s just go ahead and run down Bob Knight’s greatest hits.

Yeah, it was good, but it’s not as good with the bleeps. And I think they missed a few.

Check out this Lake Arlington special.  It’s a beauty.  It really gives you a flavor for how wild this cat was.  Watch this one if you don’t watch any other.

“God dammit, fuck this show!!!” What about that hot clip where he threw the chair across the court.

Or when he explained the versatility of “fuck.”

Where’s that crazy clip from the interview where he told Connie Chung to lay back and enjoy rape if it is inevitable?


I don’t think Connie appreciated that one. Oh, what about the time when he choked Neil Reed, lied about it and then got exposed with that camera shot from the grassy knoll.


Oh and my personal favorite is his half time motivational speech to his team. I mean, for real, listen to this cat. He was a live wire!

“Now you betta get your head outta your ass”.. Yikes. What’s the over-under on how many times Dick Vitale says “Robert Montgomery Knight” on Wednesday, 5 times? What I don’t have is that hot tape where he head butted that one cat. That was aggressive and the dude’s expression was priceless. Damn, “Knight” was a mufucka. I’m gonna miss him.

More later.

– Lake

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