Michael Beasley is a BEAST


It takes a lot of balls to be a freshmen from K-State and make a prediction that you’re going to sweep your rival Kansas, especially when you haven’t beaten them on your OWN home floor since 1984 (literally!). But that’s what Michael Beasley did. Homey said that his Kansas State squad would sweep KU this year and you know what, they’re half way there.


Credit where credit is due because Mike scored a game high 25 en route to a relatively smooth 84-75 win over the #2 ranked Kansas Jayhawks. Now let me tell you and I know this because I watch College Basketball, Kansas is DEAD NICE this year. I mean, they’re stacked with athletes and ballers from the rooter to the tooter in that line-up and really should not lose to K-State, period. Yes I know that K State has Bill Walker and Mike Beasley, but Kansas has Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers, Sherron Collins, Darrell Arthur and Sasha Kaun, just to name a few!! I don’t know man, Bill Self is a good coach and he gets guys to come to his school, but at some point homey is going to have to be held to a higher standard.


Let’s be clear, homey’s teams have choked like a mother, catching TWO first round losses and losing to random Big 12 teams like it aint no thang. I know this was their first loss and all, but you guys got to shake that “waiting for an upset” reputation and it aint gonna get done by letting a freshmen call you out and then embarrass you in a rivalry game.


Gut check time fellas..

– Lake

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  1. michael beasley | Fetion Says:

    […] of a good sermon is to have… – http://aulavirtual.cmpardo.edu.pe/surlyclimb – リンク|||Michael Beasley is a BEAST2008年1月30日 投稿者: Lake Arlington But that’s what Michael Beasley did. Homey said that […]

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