Classic Material: Revenge of the Nerds


No need to set this one up. This is just a great movie.

Dude, whoever came up with the sorority name “Omega Moos” is an evil genius. So good. Damn, please note the 80’s use of the blatant stereotyping. Of course, that’s what makes the movie so funny, but it’s still pretty terrible, especially how ill they were to Asians back then. Anybody remember “Long Duck Dong” from Sixteen Candles?


I mean, they used to diss Asians without any hesitation whatsoever. Ugly. Maybe I’ll post that cat up later. Anyway, if you’re going to go Nerds, you’ve got to show their show with LaMar on the ahm…..(pause and gulp) mic. That hurt me.

The 80’s man…so terrible, but in a good way.

– Lake

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One Response to “Classic Material: Revenge of the Nerds”

  1. Celebrity Blaster Says:

    Boogar is my favorite.

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