LOST is back


And no, I’m not talking about Rudy Giuliani’s campaign strategy… The show.


Last season started with the huge reveal of the “Others” chilling in a manicured neighborhood while Jack and Crew lived in tents on the beach. What will happen tonight? Flashback? Flash-forward? I know, I know, I’m the only guy who watches…bring on Flavor of Love. Damn that, I’m hype.



Nah homes, I went ahead and peeped that run-back of the two hour Finale from last year with that crazy fake beard they had Jack up in.


I couldn’t tell if the Jack character was really that fucked up on the Purple Drank or if the actor was just really pissed off that they had him in that same beard that I rocked in my 7th grade production of Man of La Mancha. At any rate, smoothed out Kate was a nice site and hopefully we’ll hear from Walt, his low ass pops and smooth Asian chick Sun Kwon who was as quietly decent as she was quietly banging out multiple dudes who weren’t her husband.


Oh, and I know the “hater in the Bean” will say that she only cheated once.  Well, I happen to think that the baby in her belly might be Michael’s anyway… Jin knew what was up (that’s why he tried to kill him at first) and recall, that cat couldn’t make no babies.


And now so do the rest of us. Wow.. didn’t know she could bring that kind of heat, but I definitely have to give her a solid 大声で選手のときに私が、路上のひよこを参照してください。which loosely translates to “holla at a playa when you see me on the streets ‘chick’, yeeeeaah” <—– thank you google language options.

– 湖/Lake

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One Response to “LOST is back”

  1. raafman Says:

    Walking to my office, which is about a block off from K-town, I saw the silkiest, smoothest Korean chick evar digging through her Hermes clutch, but kind of had the feeling that I knew her. This was a couple months back so I wasn’t even in Lost mode, but then I realized it was Sun. My wig was blown. I mean from the toe to the top, gear to the haircut, this chick is Bad.

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