Rudy Giuliani – Now You Know You Done Fucked Up, Right?


Oh Rudy. You thought you were going to out thinkerate the system with a little trickeration, huh? Well it looks like the joke is on you. I don’t know what political genius lined up your strategy to skip the entire first month of voting, effectively making you disappear from the national scene, but whoever it is deserves a crisp asswhoopin’ tonight.


You’re gonna need a big hug tonight when the headline reads “Now entering the race, Rudy Giuliani, now leaving the race Rudy Giuliani”. I mean you came and left the race faster than a cat who logs into IM and sees someone they don’t want to talk to. (Accompanied by that classic door swinging open then immediately slamming shut sound)

After seeing a Rudy that is this big of a loser, I need a Rudy who is a winner to cheer me up. Interns, cue my clip!

More later once this debacle is final.



Damn, Rudy just dropped out of the race and endorsed McCain.  Thanks for coming homey, you spent just about as much time campaigning as Lake did.  I know your entire White House bid was based on the assumption that you’d keep America safe from terrorists.  Only, I didn’t feel so safe knowing that my “savior” was willing to wear a damn dress.


Sorry, that was just a bad move all around.  Not even Hillary looks this bitchy in pink.  Then you went ahead and endorsed McCain?  On what grounds?  I know Mitt won’t like that.  Still posturing for that Vice President position I guess.  Hey, you never know.. NY is a big state and you’ve got traction in “the city”.  I wonder when Huck will drop out, you know it’s coming.  President McCain, nah….doesn’t sound right.


Definitely don’t look right.

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