More smoke and mirrors from Roger Clemens


You have to hand it to ole Rog. He has learned from the Bonds and McGwire criticisms that they didn’t confront their accusers on these steroids allegations.


The gotcha, gotcha though is that people still don’t believe Roger so it really doesn’t matter. See, that’s something that Bonds knew from jump. Why try to convince people of something they already have made up in their own minds. It’s not going to stop the papers from printing it and it keeps the story alive.


Rog, I appreciate your efforts to cloud the issue, but you’re not W Bush tricking these simpletons to vote against their own interests. You’re a cat who we always knew cheated who just got rated by your own boy. Own it homey, because no matter what you do or say, we don’t believe you anyway. All the rest of this charade is only good for shits and giggles.


You aren’t proving anything and believe me, you aren’t changing any minds.

– Lake

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