Barack comes up big in South Carolina


When it was all said and done the whole thing ended just like most people initially thought it would:  Barack thoroughly thumped Hilly C. and John Edwards in South Carolina.


Ok, maybe people didn’t think Obama would win in such a commanding fashion, but one thing is for sure, all those endorsements by so called black leaders didn’t pan out, at least  not in South Carolina.


Who knows if Hillary and her “attack dog” Bill, who I still love by the way (I don’t like his recent antics though) pulled off the ultimate Jedi Mind trick on the liberal electorate by interjecting race in South Carolina so that race based backlash can rule the day in Southern Super Tuesday States.  Who knows?  While the polls showed that white males didn’t vote for Obama in SC, they didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either.  I guess they can’t pick which under represented party to dislike more.  At any rate, the heat is on now as we march to the oh so crucial Super Tuesday showdown.


Honestly, I’m not sure America is ready for Hillary or Barack.  Time will tell, oh and my boy Rudy G. is still sweating bullets over that Florida bet he placed.


Believe me, they got Christopher outside Rudy’s room waiting on his candy ass when everything goes bust.  Yeah, maybe you do need to actually campagin nation wide to win the Presidency…what a novel thought.  No love.

– Lake

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