Duke handles foolishness and Va Tech 81-64


I like Virginia Tech. They play hard, have a genuine coach in Seth Greenberg and truthfully have shocked some people since they entered the ACC a few years back. With that said, what the hell was that last night?


It looked like Thug Terp ball in Blacksburg. I mean, why does a team try to go out and physically intimidate when they don’t even have the size and bulk to intimidate? Then as a result you get what we saw. A sloppy game with a bunch of fools jumping around, flopping all over the court and bitching to the refs for every single call. I mean, where was the Virginia Tech pride? I mean, you aren’t Iraqi insurgents fighting against evil occupiers, you’re a Division I basketball team in the best conference in the country. You need to start acting like you know it. All those ridiculous histrionics, cat ass chest pumping, and just overall tomfoolery by that cat Deron Washington made for a bizarre evening. I mean, what was up with Deron’s act?


Dude is a legitimate player in this league but he acts like someone’s bad ass little brother whose moms can’t shut up or keep under control at a CYO game or something. He’s out there trying to get under people’s skin, ruffle a few feathers and win the mental battle? Dude, you’re actually nice on the court and you can jump out the gym, just beat them within the game and save the clown show for shits and giggles back at the dorm. And what’s up with that wig piece homey was rocking? Did I see some weave from the corner store up in there? Look, I don’t care how good your hair is or how pretty yo’ mama told you it was back when you were a youngin in Nawlins, take my advice, cut that shit off. Just because you can wear your hair like a chick doesn’t mean you need to. I know that hair has been your lifelong gimmick, kind of like Pen or is it Teller, who never talks, but you’re taking that shit a little too far at this point. Why not just suspend it back to the “see, my hur is good” levels as seen in this picture below. I think we all could live with that.


Otherwise, you’ll continue to look ridiculous and since you won’t be playing basketball much longer, it’s probably about time for you to clean up you act so that you can credibly sell that insurance to your old “boosters friends” in the ahem “metro Blacksburg area.”


Anyway, Duke played well and fought hard. Bottom line, Duke was just better. I mean, maybe this dude Jeff Allen would have made a difference, but Duke is just light years ahead of that team and it showed. Taylor the King had really good overall game. He rebounded, stole the ball, played off screens well and shot a couple daggers right between their eyes. Steady Singler was right on time. You have to like his calming presence out there, but I have this feeling homey has a little Deron Washington in him as well. Every game he’s getting into something with someone. Dude’s got a nasty streak and somehow, cats are always retaliating against him.


It’s a good thing he can knock down free throws.

I didn’t love Greg Paulus’ game, because I think he was trying to respond to the crowd more than just play. Yeah, he put that one three ball in their mouth, but he also tried to force one that ended up being an all too familiar air ball. Look, homey, you are a solid catch and shoot three ball shooter. Maybe a dribble, dribble release cat, but you aren’t Jason Williams at the top of the key. You can’t just let it fly regardless of the situation. Play within yourself and you’ll be fine. Incidentally, is there any doubt that this cat will be playing QB for some random D I school in two years? Maybe as a grad student at Syracuse. Who knows.

Otherwise, everybody contributed and again, it was a solid team win. I thought Lance Thomas really stepped his game up, which was a good sign.


Dude scored it a little, looked to score (which is key), defended and really put pressure on them on the perimeter. Good stuff and I liked the fire DeMarcus showed too. I mean, if you could so obviously see Deron Washington’s act watching at home, imagine the foolishness that was coming out of his mouth all game long for DeMarcus to put up with.  I’m glad he got up in his grill and let him know what would and would not be tolerated. Dude must really be a clown. I mean, look at that cat. He’s like a walking cartoon character. Reel him in Seth.

Duke Blue Devils
K. Singler, F 30 6-14 3-4 4 9 1 3 16
L. Thomas, F 18 2-2 2-2 1 5 0 4 6
G. Paulus, G 29 3-9 3-3 0 2 3 1 10
G. Henderson, G-F 30 4-7 3-8 0 4 0 3 12
D. Nelson, G 31 4-11 2-5 0 4 4 5 10
N. Smith, G 17 3-7 2-3 1 4 4 1 8
D. McClure, F 6 2-3 0-0 0 1 1 3 4
T. King, F 14 3-5 0-0 1 3 1 1 9
J. Scheyer, G 25 2-3 0-0 0 2 1 4 6
  29-61 15-25 7 34 15 25 81
  47.5% 60.0%  
TURNOVERS: 12 (J Scheyer 1, G Henderson 5, K Singler 2, L Thomas 1, D Nelson 1, N Smith 2)
BLOCKED SHOTS: 4 (G Paulus 1, K Singler 2, L Thomas 1)
STEALS: 11 (J Scheyer 1, G Henderson 1, K Singler 2, L Thomas 2, T King 1, D Nelson 3, N Smith 1)
3-PT FGS: 8-22, .364 (J Scheyer 2-3, G Henderson 1-2, G Paulus 1-5, K Singler 1-5, T King 3-5, D Nelson 0-2)

– Lake


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