Throw some Ds: Aubrey from Danity Kane



Damn, remember when little Aubrey was just a sexy young girl with the smooth stomach and open mind trying to make Diddy’s band?


Damn near precious. Don’t get me wrong now, all of us fellas knew she had that little freak in her waiting to get out, but damn, if that era was zero, then you have to regard her current look as 60.


Got damn. I don’t mean to be vulgar but it looks like they literally just pulled the mic out of her mouth 2 seconds post checkin and snapped the picture while the emotion was still fresh in her mind and lip pieces. And what’s with those Js sitting on double Ds? My word, baby is packing the thunder up front like the Patriots offensive line all of a sudden. For real, if they had some “I am Legend” freaknasty adaptation, this babe and her vacant, all I do is cut look, would fit the bill of a sexed out zombie perfectly.


It’s weird. I mean, I know that I like it, but I can’t tell how much. Damn homies, this shot doesn’t even look like her. Anyway, the enhanced cans were pretty predictable, actually. It was really all that was missing. Not getting that upgrade would be pretty shocking now that I think about it. Peep the old Aubrey from her first Blender spread:


With the exception of that wildness she’s got hanging off her naval, I’m completely with it. It looks like Aubrey from Making the Band/Danity Kane not Christina Aguilera 2.0.


Now I can’t lie.. I liked that shot. Smooth thigh, tight midsection, J coming out to the left, parsed lips for your consideration, freakiness in the eye and vacancy in the brain… Pretty good. I just wonder what influenced her to flow like this.


Ahh, Kimmy K strikes again. Clearly she’s moving farther and father away from her supposed best friend Audrina who likes to keep it girl next door clean. At any rate, all of these developments are good stuff in light of the next installment of Making the Band 4. Word on the street is that the guys, Danity Kane and Donny will all be competing to make new albums. Yeah, it sounds pretty cheap but I’m quite sure it will have some cuttin’ for tracks by Aubrey and hatin’ from Robert’s on again off again lady who doesn’t like the idea of D. Woods near her man.


Lady, I can’t lie, you’ve got a few things going on, but that “Drama King” line you hit Rob with back in the day, I just can’t ever forgive you for saying it or him for putting up with all that lip.. Sorry, you lost me on that one.


Then you know there will be all types of “Is he gay is he not” shenanigans from Q and the supposedly married Brian A. I like the show concept in principle because of all the potential subplots, but we’ll see. Oh and for all you Brian H. fans out there, whatever happened to that burgeoning career yall were predicting after he got the Puff ax piece? Oh he hasn’t been signed yet? Naaaah…


Maybe homey can come out with a new line of hair products for recovering dreads addicts called “Nu Cesar”… I don’t know. I just wonder where all these dread lock cats are working. Come on now, there aint that many IT jobs in America… 😉

– Lake

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4 Responses to “Throw some Ds: Aubrey from Danity Kane”

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  4. Leah Says:

    Wow! I saw Aubrey on Making the Band when the group first came together. I saw her tonight on TV and I seriously did not even recognize her! What in the world happened? She was gorgeous the way she was. She’s starting to look like the Cat Lady already! U-U-Ugly!

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