The Wire: Marlo is the illest


So I get back from my MLK hiatus feeling fresh and refreshed (like ole boy from Wipe Me Down)…. I figured now that I’ve done all the positivity of Martin Luther the King I had an obligation to balance it all off with some “not MLK” material. Oh shit, The Wire pre release episode is On-Demand. Bang!


I must admit, I was a little bit worried about this year’s story line with the media focus. I know, I know, people thought Season 2 with the docks was a debacle, but it turned out great. Yes it did. Anyway, so whatever fears I had about a lack of excitement for Season 5 were quickly put to rest last night.. Lordy Jeez, that shit was ON FIRE last night. WOW. First off, Mr. Sheeeeeeyut, Clay Davis is heating up with these indictments. It aint really about him, but you just know he’s going to take a whole lot of City Hall types down with him.


Then you’ve got the issue of the rise of Lietenant errrr Deputy Commissioner for Operations Daniels and whether he’s going to get popped for his past transgressions.


No, we aren’t talking about his new found love for the extra “light skinneded” ahem “sistah” either.


Nah, we’re talking about that drug money homey was allegedly skimming off the top back in the Eastern District. And what about wild Omar?


Put your shirt on bruh (no bigot). Just when he thought he was off the streets, living la vida loca with that lil Papacito down there in the Caribbean and ole Marlo went ahead and let him know that the skreets never leave you. Indeed, Chris and Snoop were “real brief” with Omar’s old adviser, Butchie, and didn’t let him go easy neither. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to take Marlo’s money in that card game after all… shit, Marlo is a bad bad man.


Now ole Omar, the Super Homo Thug extraordinare, is back on the scene whoopin ass and taking names. I really thought he was going to do Slim Charles folks. I’m glad he didn’t though, Charles is what you need. That cat needs to keep acting.

Anyway, I knew that damn Cheese aka Method Man was going to be a liability back when he told Ghost Face that ‘homies came through with 40s and blunts and…” and then ended it off with “I’ll buy you 4 more fuckin killa tapes”… ok, that was a little Wu-Tang nostalgia for those who are down. Anyway, Cheese is the classic dirty rotten ingrate with no sense of honor or loyalty.


But damn, I didn’t see Prop Joe going that soon… Don’t get me wrong, I saw that he was going as plain as day. I mean, I’m sure we all did. Marlo was just setting Joe up to teach him how to be a better Prop Joe.


Marlo was never down with the co-op or anything else. Pretty wild stuff man. Anyway, that whole exchange with Joe was chilling yo. Let me run it back as I heard it:

Joe: I guess you aint coming to see me off

Marlo: Not really

Joe: My nephew was always a mufucka and continues to be one, but you I treated like a son.

Marlo: I wasn’t meant to play the son (bitch) — ok, I added that bitch, but with Marlo, he doesn’t have to say shit like that for you to feel it.

Joe: Ok, Proposition then, I just go away

Marlo: Joe, you can’t go away, we are what we are…you’d be back. You can’t change up anymore than I can.

Joe: But my good dope

Marlo: I talked to Barzini, oh my bad, that was a Mo Green talking to Michael Corleone, Marlo said, “oh yeah, the greeks are ok with it, I already spoke to them”… Now close your eyes Joe.

Chris Partlow: Click Click. pregnant pause followed by Marlo’s “finish him” head nod, BLOAW!!!!

Marlo: Look of sexual pleasure (no homo) upon his face, wondering if he should also eat Joe’s flesh to finish him off for good, forever!!!!!


Marlo is a bad, bad, bad man.. I mean, the illest of the ill. Icy and cold.

Reminds me of myself if I waddent so affluent, cultured, educated and good looking…LOL.

The Wire is simply the best. OUT.


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One Response to “The Wire: Marlo is the illest”

  1. Rosy Says:

    Great recap of the Wire. The show just racks up some of the hottest scenes of all time. Marlo’s crown will come off and I hope Omar does it.

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