Party over here: When Keeping it real goes right


Haa, this is just a little light hearted, but it’s a classic in its own right. Everyone knows a dude like this kid Corey Worthington. If you watch, you have to wait for the end when it all just breaks down and ole boy keeps it completely real with that over sexed hatin interviewer.

LOL.. boy, he really stuck that landing on the end of that video. Ummm, and can someone explain to me why that woman was rocking that extra medium top with those extra large Aussie breasts? Lordy. Talk about throw another one on the barbie… Goodness. And, no, I wouldn’t have taken those stunna shades off either.


I mean, didn’t homey tell you everything you needed to know when he showed up for the interview shirtless with a wild nipple ring? HA!! Hilarious.

– Lake


Damn, Ol girl didn’t know when to break from the script. She’s gotta know she wasn’t going to get what she wanted on that one. That closing question of “what message do you have for other kids who want to throw a party?” was not going to turn out well. “Let me throw it for you”…classic work.



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