Collateral Damage: Kelly Tilghman


In “damn that’s fucked up” news, Golfweek editor Dave Seanor has been fired over his “noose” cover


Dave just lost his job for covering a story about a comment by a woman that has not yet lost her job.  Kelly Tilghman did it.  She was the one who forgot that she was on national cable television and dropped her lynch comment on Tiger Woods.

Look I get it.  Lake and I were knocking back a few intern supplied adult beverages last night and I told him.  If I’m a loyal subscriber to Golf Magazine, when I get my January 19th issue, I want to see “How to Improve Your Short game”, or “5 great new Drivers: Cut your score by 3 STROKES NOW!!!”  You know, GOLF information.  Like this:


I’ll tell you what I don’t want is a damn noose.  Look, as a black man, I don’t ever want anyone to send me a noose, real, photographed or otherwise.  Hell if I got the cover art without any reference to Golfweek magazine you best believe that Brock is going to be sitting in his front window with all the lights out and a shotgun in my lap waiting for a cat to try to slip up unannounced.  That shit ain’t cool.

I will tell you this.  This dude getting fired does not help Miss Kelly one bit.  She’s gotta go down now, right?  I hope she does before Lake goes off again.


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4 Responses to “Collateral Damage: Kelly Tilghman”

  1. Paul cormier Says:

    It’s unfortunate that Kelly used those terms during the conversation with Faldo about the youth coming up to take on Tiger….Kelly acts professionally on the telecasts, but I put some of the blame on Faldo himself…he has made what some may consider ” sexist” comments sometimes towards her…and she has looked uncomfortable at times. I believe that Faldo is not a very good anchor…sure he does Ok on the national network telecasts, but he is more of a color commentary on that show….he doesn’t have to carry the broadcast. I say replace Faldo with Vince Cellini, and give Kelly another chance.

  2. Boone Says:

    I think she should get fired. She was the worst of white. But as a black man, do you give a flying fuck what is said about other races? Of course you don’t ’cause unless it pertains to you, it don’t matter. I spent summers with family on the Crow Reservation in Montana, yes Native Americans actually exist. I bet you don’t even know what a Native American is, other than some stupid western you watched. But, I bet you don’t have any problem that the Redskins are a team from Washington. Would you be so concerned if they were called the Washington N(word)? Of course you would, cause in this country the only thing that matters is our own group. Now be honest. You march the ass of every woman you can find on your website for perusal and amusement and yet that is exactly what was done to black people for the amusement of whites. The same message is going out…”Look at the big ass, those big boobs, that nice skin, those white teeth. Bet she lays it down big time.” How is what you do any different? See hypocrisy begins in our own yard, tepee, crib, field whatever the hell you want to call it. Actually white people and black people are amusing as hell, they are the two craziest races ever created and the rest of the world is trying to recover from both of them.

  3. Brock Hardon Says:


    We’ve already commented on how terrible the Redskins name is as well as the Cleveland Indians logo. We’re equal opportunity shit talkers.

  4. Boone Says:

    Yeah, but are you going to demand anybodies job for it, or quit watching baseball or football. NO NO NO! Because it doesn’t really matter enough, cause it ain’t you. Do you refuse to watch a Washington football game, or a Cleveland Indians baseball game, I doubt it? Could you imagine a Native American playing for a team called the Uncle Toms or the Wetbacks and saying “Sorry I know its wrong, but I got to make me my money.” You’d be up on his sorry ass as a sell out. This lady should lose her job, no doubt there. She was wrong and then some. And I like a fine woman as much as the next guy, but lets face it, you present them and we (that includes me) look at them like a nice piece of meat. Just the way whites looked at blacks on the auction block. We all demean and use and abuse people, it happens everyday. Doesn’t make it right. I do it and you do it and maybe just maybe we stop for one quick minute and think about how much we really hate racism and all the other ‘isms if it doesn’t apply to us. It certainly won’t make for exciting reading and it probably won’t last more than a minute, but your post made me think, so its all good.

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