Boxing: Jones v. Trinidad


I would love to offer some detailed UvT style analysis of the upcoming Roy Jones, Jr. versus Felix “Tito” Trinidad fight on Saturday, but I honestly barely care.  I loved to watch Roy Jones fights almost as much as I loved to watch Prince Naseem Hamed, but neither has been entertaining since 2000.  But instead of hard hitting analysis of the fight, I will analyse this single picture from the weigh in.



Why the hell are the fighters wearing parkas?  Is the weigh in outside?

Tito has on that “It never gets this cold in Puerto Rico, so I just got a windbreaker” coat on.

When did Roy Jones grow out that beard?  It certainly isn’t going to make him any faster.

Roy Jones is 39, when does his contract with Brand Jordan end?

What the hell is Don King looking at?

When Mr. T decided to stop wearing gold, did Don King purchase it all at a cut rate?  Why did he decide to wear it all at once?

Is that jacket that Don King has on both airbrushed and bedazzled?

Did Don King actually get a haircut?  That almost looks reasonable.

Is anyone actually planning on dropping $50 for the privilege of watching this fight 6 days earlier than you can watch it on HBO for “free”?  I didn’t think so.


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