Jigga, Pacman Not Guil-tee


Well what do you know, that lawyer chick, Wanda S. Jackson (pictured below on the right), who inexplicably found herself trolling for hizzoes errr doing research in an ATL skin bar is dropping her claim that Pacman Jones sucker punched her.


(Now we know why ole boy is looking at her like she’s aint got no sense)

Man, this is what I’m saying, cats are just hating on Pacman. And why wouldn’t they?


(Is that the sign of the Wu on his chest?)

They know that his name alone is pretty much good enough to get a guilty verdict. Only one problem, young Pacman aint been found guilty of anything folks. Free Pacman and let him live his life. Homey aint doing nothing wrong yall…. Randy Moss neither.


– Lake

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