Pacman is at it again!


In hater news, reports say that ole Pacman allegedly sucker punched a female lawyer at an Atlanta strip club the other night.


I don’t know man. I mean, on the one hand, dude is obviously a wild boy for continuing to even go to strip clubs, period.

Then on the other, punching out a female attorney in a strip club? Sounds fishy. I mean, what the hell is she doing in the skrip to begin with? And yes, UvT Legal got this picture of Attorney Wanda S. Jackson, the alleged victim, pictured to the far right below.


I think ole boy’s expression on the far left pretty much sums it all up for me. What the hell is THAT chick doing in an Atlanta strip club in the range of Adam Jones’ fist anyway? Damn, baby girl is looking a lil bit WNBA-ish if you ax me. Shouldn’t she be kicking it at Club Cheetah (with Da Brat), Club Amnesia (with Queen Latifah), the Peanuts in LA (with Cheryl Swoops), or Bubblin’ in Dublin (with oh I don’t know, Tyra Banks)…

“Can’t deny me, why would you want to, ya need me”.


Yo, just look at the woman’s face now.  Whatever Wanda is saying, it must be akin to that alleged right rook Pacman landed because this woman just look 2 parts bemused and one part sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Either way, the shit is funny to me.

Hmmm.. Let’s take a hard look at Attorney Wanda.  Man hands, ten days past due on that touch-up re-up and nary a hint of much needed make-up to smooth it all out — but yet she’s in a bar full of NFL grade gyrating arse and breast-tah-sis? Something doesn’t add up. And then there’s her statement about the incident:

I was sitting in the office and he lunged at me numerous times in an effort to do grave bodily harm. [Then] an owner, went into the hall to deal with a member of [Pacman’s] entourage. I followed to gawk. He was in the hall, surprisingly reached over or around a security guard and sucker punched me in my left eye.”

You followed to gawk? Who talks like that… He lunged at you to “do grave bodily harm”?  Right, sure he did.


Terrible. I’m not sure if Pacman got a solid blow in, but talking like that and you’re certain to catch an ass whoopin the next time you’re trolling for freak nasty skripperz errrr doing research in dancing establishments for your corporate law practice development. What a joke.

Yall leave Pacman alone…OJ too.

– Lake

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