Hotness: They Know Remix Featuring Shawty Lo, Luda, Jeezy and Weezy


Maaaayne, I was riding into the office today and happened to have on this “They Know remix” by Shawty Lo (great name), Ludacris, Young Jeezy and Lil Wayne. When I started the song, I had my typical mojo going and Lakey the king was pretty much looking like this:


And yes I do own that jacket, ok? Anyway, the song started getting good to me and then Lil Wayne’s verse hit and I just found myself in perpetual rewind. Hell, by the end of the ride, I got out my car and I looked and definitely felt like this:


And for those of you who are astute enough to wonder, yeah, I think this is a picture of Michael Irvin.. LOL What was Espn thinking when they cut that guy loose. I like Keyshawn, but he aint Michael, not by a long shot.

Anyway, I ended up playing this song during my entire commute and it was lovely. Not sure why, but I just love this joint right now and no, I have no put that Lupe in the lab yet either. No need to, this is giving me plenty of what I want. I’ve got a lot of friends who swear by Young Jeezy, though I’ve never really been impressed.


But I gotta admit, he gives you some of what you want on that “What up, to all yall hateeeeerz”. Nice. Then Lil Weezy just kills it per usual, this time with the Zap and Roger inspired voice modification (I give no credit to that cretin T-Pain). Listen to it and yes, I have appended the lyrics below for your listening and comprehension pleasure. Enjoy.

[Verse 1: Shawty Lo]
Shawty Lo and the Big Cats
It’s the remix so bring ya top hat(eh)
What ya talkin bout
It’s L-O
I rap now it’s rap skizzo
Thirty bands… fo shizzo
Eight balls same price as the kilo
I’m a boss
Handle My B-I
And I got them same kinda guns like T.I.
See I been that way since knee high
Real dope boyz so you know I trap or Dizzi
No lizzi
I’m hizzi
Like kells I believe I can flizzi
And yeaaaahhhh I’ll see you later

[Verse 2: Ludacris]
Guard your woman dawg or I’ll take her
You’ll hear her scream from College Park to Decatur
I was a snotty nose with no paper
Now my crib sittin on 22 acres(woooo)
Get it right fool I gets money(yep)
If you think Ludas not filthy you’s a dummy(yep)
I was allergic to the roof on tha cutty
So I took the top off like a playboy bunny(whatup pops)
Catch me pimpin in a robe and some slippers(oo)
Ridin down 85 while I’m stuttin on my Gixer
Mouth full of swishers or ridin with ya sister(wooo)
and Six david beckhams or a trunk full of kickers(hahaha)
Take a picture of the mister it’ll last long
And these haters get stretched out like a bad thong
So partner mash on or get mashed up
Think you can fuck with Luda then put a million of your cash up(hi)

[Chorus: x4]
L O L O Dey Know Dey Know

[Verse 3: Young Jeezy]
I’m in my cool whip insides jello
Hop up out that pretty muthafucka like hello(hello)hello
Ladies how you doin
Dat nigga crazy girl don’t say nothin 2 em(haha)
Dey know dey know got white low low
Rob who? Take What? (gun cocks) hello
They know I give a fuck about them haterz(nope)
Young jizzle been gettin paper(yeeeaaaahhh)
Granite? wheels on da coup like savors
Hit da club with 20 brawdz like flavor
I’m on da top floor(floor) no neighbors
Who u kiddin I get my 87’s tailored

[Verse 4: Plies]
Went from two ounces to a mazarrati
First rap check bought choppers for everybody
Before they know what’s under my shirt the glock 40
Get 25 a show next month I want 40
Born a real nigga but I die a goon
Just bought a new choppa gon use it real soon
Got the streets on lock homie I can’t lose
Put me anywhere I’m the realest nigga in the room(believe me)
Take a look at me I’m what you call street approved
Got a lot haters but even more tools
I play dumb homie but neva been a fool
Cut my dog off I heard he snitchin too(ha)

[Chorus: x4]
L O L O Dey Know Dey Know

[Verse 5: Lil’ Wayne]
Now what I look like
And if it ain’t money then I don’t look right
And that don’t sound right
I swear you can get a full clip not a sound bit
SU-WU gang and if you ain’t with it then you in the food chain
I’m in that wide body I’m a need two lanes
Blue Seats white paint wetter than new rain
Like a white person with blue bangs
I keep a black glock red dot blue flame
Feet hanging out the window jock my shoe game
Cause all my kicks fly like liu kang

Old player new game
I’m focused I’m thinking like I got two brains
I’m in my prime I feel like a new wayne
How come there is two women but ain’t no two waynes
I don’t know what you do but I do thangs
It’s Mr. every time you see me got a new chain
My flow crazy I ain’t too sane
But I am thee shit & they just poop stain

[Chorus: x4]
L O L O Dey Know Dey Know

Dude, those improvised laughs and ad libs Weezy throws in there are so hot man. Ha. I’m not sure he’s the best Rapper Alive, but he’s the definitely my favorite right now.

– Lake

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14 Responses to “Hotness: They Know Remix Featuring Shawty Lo, Luda, Jeezy and Weezy”

  1. Boone Says:

    Yeah its right up there with the Partridge Family’s “I think I love you” and the New Kids on the Block. A real classic

  2. Nia Says:

    I love this song… the lyrics dont make any sense but i like the beat and lil wayne is funni azz hell. lovin ludacris on this track.

  3. Nia Says:

    how come there’s two women but aint no two waynez??? lmao.

  4. lil nick Says:

    is lil wayne tryin to diss Snoop Dogg using the voicebox like in Sexual Eruption? either way he sounds fly as hell with it…

  5. pimpin said pimpin Says:

    I would moreso say Wayne was either trying something new or making fun of the voice box usage happening so frequently (like T Pain)

  6. KrYs Says:

    correction:lil wayne:

  7. Lake Arlington Says:


    I considered the “blue veins” but I’ve listened to it tens of time and I don’t think so. He’s describing the interior of his car no? It kind of makes more sense because blue veins on a white person would not be readily visible…I know, I’ve got them.. Now, blue bangs you could see…. blue seats, blue bangs.. ya dig?



  9. fallen Says:

    you said,

    “But I gotta admit, he gives you some of what you want on that “What up, to all yall hateeeeerz”.”

    referring to young jeezy, but it’s “BIG UPS… to all my hateerrrsss” as you can see in the lyrics, and it’s shawty lo, not young jeezy.

  10. Lake Arlington Says:

    Fallen, you’re right. I thought about those errors about a month after I wrote it. Just didn’t care enough to make the changes…. Seeing that it was Jan. 16th when I wrote it, still don’t.. but I feel you.

  11. Trudy Rand Says:

    dayummm im lovin the hell outa this song! lyrics…beat & the ppl on this track is hot as hell!!!


    peace outtt =]

  12. Lil homie Says:

    This song is of the chain!
    The whole thing was pimpin.
    I gotta admit thought Lil Wayne kinda killed it.
    But Jeezy and Luda were hella tight.
    Big Ups 2 all my haters!

  13. like_mike_zune(Pachoo_Jeremie) Says:

    yeah i love this song, the beat and they way they flow. He’s so great my nizzle Weezzy, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh gush his voice. He is so polyvalent the boy.
    Big shut out Weezzy, Luda, Youngy

  14. kphat(sinciti) Says:

    evry body need to understand the game u know what im sayin,,,,,mthr fukrs need to stop hatin and figure out what it is u aint doin to be where the nigah is that u hatin on all the fukin time,,,,,,big ups attic crew and 14 k records outta kentucky

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