Terrell Owens: The Tears of a Clown


OH wow, now this is priceless.

Is this cat TO serious? I know he has visions of championship rings dancing in his head, and this video is from about 30 minutes after he found out his season was over, but the level of emotion this cat is showing is ridiculous.

Did he just say, “that’s unfur?” The guy who has turned on every quarterback and organization he’s ever played for just started crying because people are picking on Tony Romo going on vacation with Jessica Simpson? First of all, I’m never going to feel sorry for anyone who is being picked on for going on vacation with this:


Damn I wish T.O. didn’t have those sunglasses on. It would have made it that much more priceless. On an unrelated note, I also wish he didn’t have that red suede members only jacket on. Seriously, Hillary Clinton thinks T.O. needs to man up. She held it together better than he did, and she’s running for President.

I think this is the breaking point, it’s all starting to come together for me. The wild emotion the suicide attempt misunderstanding about a strange mixture of prescription drugs. The extra tight gear at all times. Whatever made him think it was okay to take this picture.


I’ve got a few questions to ask you:

Do you use the word “fabulous” in everyday conversation?

To you find yourself tapping your feet in the locker next to you?

Do you find yourself having uncontrollable outbursts of emotion?

Do you find yourself half naked in pools with other men?


Damn, that was just extra right there. Hold on…we’re tabulating the results…

T.O. Lake’s got a message for ya:



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One Response to “Terrell Owens: The Tears of a Clown”

  1. xceptit Says:

    Leave’em alone, he tripped and fell down hurt is knee.
    Quit be’n mean.

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