Marion Jones Gets Six Months


My word, I know rappers and entertainers are breathing easy these days. Forget the Hip-Hop cops, athletes are catching complete L’s over this Balco steroids situation. Marion Jones, former national treasure just got 6 months in the can for lying to Federal Authorities.


Honestly, that’s messed up.  The judge went on ahead and gave her the maximum sentence although she has two kids, with one still nursing.  Judge Kenneth Karas said that steroid use “affects the integrity of athletic competition”.  I’m sure federal judges have sound logic, but that isn’t really what we’re talking about here.  She wasn’t going away for steroids, she was being sentenced for lying about taking steroids to federal officials.  Here’s how it works.  If you get caught using steroids in athletic competition, you hand over whatever you won, and get suspended.


Ben Johnson whoops the field by three strides…gets caught and gives back the gold medal.  Football players lose four games without pay.  Baseball players catch a lengthy suspension.  You don’t go to jail for it.

Man, this federal gubment ain’t playing with these Balco folks.  The crazy thing is this entire fervor is over Barry Bonds.  If it weren’t for the big man breaking every meaningful hitting record in “America’s Game” there wouldn’t be congressional hearings, books on the “Game of Shadows”, federal fact finding commissions, no one would give a damn.  So when Marion is sitting in prison thinking about what went wrong, she has Barry to thank.  Who else was on that Balco list?  “Evan(der) (Holy)Fields” better watch his ass.  You know crazy ass Bill Romanowski was all clear and creamed up.


Damn from the look of it, his wife may have been on it too.

Mike Vick went down for lying too.  All it does is piss the Fed off.
Roger, are you paying attention?  I know your current plan is to go hard on these charges.  You still haven’t come out and called McNamee a full on liar in all of this.  You might just want to fess up come next week or run the risk of catching 6 months your damn self.  It ain’t worth it Roger.  We know ya did it, just admit it.  Tuck it on in, join Pete Rose and Mark Mcgwire on the “ain’t neva, eva, evaaaaaaa getting in the hall of fame” club, and fade into the background.


This is the evidence that they are using to sack Barry.  A few side by side picture comparisons coupled with the fact that you got back 5 mph on your fast ball when you hit 38.  I will say this, the way black people are going down in the courts lately, Roger actually gives Barry a little buffer.  If they take Barry down hard, they’ve gotta give Clemens the same.  You just can’t picture Roger Clemens in jail can you?  Going from pinstripes to prison stripes is not gonna be hot.


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2 Responses to “Marion Jones Gets Six Months”

  1. Says:

    Marion is a punk. And hopefully the media will never use her again.

    But she is another Lance Pharmstrong with makeup.

    A Bill Romaowski, Roid Clemens, Curt Schilling, or Baroid Bonds with a nasty attitude.

    They all dope, they all lie.

    The media makes BILLONS off these circus freaks.

    Tom Brady is a steroid punk too

  2. Says:

    fuck the feds always trying to bust steroid users. in my town there are meth addicts killing and robing. what the fuck are the cops doing arresting steroid users. We could be out doing recreational drugs like everybody else but no. we lift weights. Most of us and this is a statistical fact have a college degree. Every roid user i know doesn’t even drink alcohol. So who is behind this bullshit. As a country we have more people in prison than anyother country. So now you got people who are on roids going to jail, their already big as fuck and when they get out come to find they can’t get a job their going to be pissed. and who are they going to take it out on the fucking community of course. The same dumb fucks that put them there. The retarded government says their bad for you so if your caught doing them we will give you a felony and a pack of cigs. They kill you quicker but you get nothing out of em. fucking stupid. I hate america and i am leaving this fucked up country because the government has completely taken over our rights on suspicion we are terrorists. “the patroit act” fuck that i want my rights. Fuck the goverment, we as a people need to unite and reconstruct, we nee our weapons, we need our schools, and we don’t need the governemnt to control us like cattle.

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