I think it’s getting bigger…


Maybe it’s just me, but I actually think Kim Kardashian’s ass piece is getting larger.


Pretty incredible actually. You know you’ve got a big ass when that’s the news story. I mean, no matter how many different dressings you put on this chick’s posterior, it never ceases to amaze and she loves it. ha Reggie Bush is the man! I mean, you’d think this stuff gets old, but it just never does (not for me at least). Let me remind you, that was her back, this is her front.


Incidentally, you gotta appreciate the position of Kim’s hands in this pic.  Believe me Kimmy, we’re all on the same page on this one.  And this is her waist.


Stupid. The babe is a LeBron James like phenom. Haters may want to hate and lovers wanna love, but I aint talking ’bout, none of the above men wanna kiss on you – yes they do, they’ll kiss on you they’ll be on you…. Ha terrible.

– Lake

5 Responses to “I think it’s getting bigger…”

  1. B On It Says:

    Ohh, my another played out story. Not hating, cuz I think she’s very attractive (no homo), whether it’s natural or not. However, I get tired of black men fienin’ for some non-black woman with black assets. It’s just as bad as bitin’ on white women, except it’s disguised because the chick has a little melanin. Until black people learn to love all of our natural assets, we’ll still be the most self-hating, brainwashed, confused and disenfranchised population in this country.

  2. B On It Says:

    And to further clarify, we (ie black people), right along with the mainstream media, go crazy over big butts/lips/etc etc ad infinitum on anyone non black (Kim K, J Lo, Angelina…), but don’t show the same love when it’s on a sista.

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    B on it,

    I hear that, only one problem.. I’m white. If you want to see love for the sista, check out my post on Angel Lola Luv. https://usversusthem.wordpress.com/category/asymmetrically-thick-chick/ and Megan Good.

    Also, I gotta give it up for the hot use of “no homo” I’ve never seen that rocked by a woman…very nice. LOL Thanks for commenting.

  4. B On It Says:

    LOL, my bad! And here I got my hopes up thinking someone black went to Duke! (is it you, or the other guy? I dunno). Anywho, my sentiments remain, they are just now directed at this county at large, and I have become just another ranting woman. Damn! 😉

  5. Lake Arlington Says:


    My boy Brock (the other cat who writes for UvT) is black and we went to Duke together along with a whole bunch of other black cats. Duke is a great spot for black students, don’t let that one side of the crowd at basketball games fool ya baby…Jump on that Duke band wagon.. There’s room..

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