Golf Analyst: “Lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley”


Sounds crazy, right? It is. And you’ll be surprised who said it.


Right, a pretty white woman from South Carolina. Go figure. This chick, Kelly Tilghman, made the comment ON-AIR Friday during the Mercedes-Benz Championship PGA Tour event in a conversation she was having with golf great Nick Faldo. She suggested that the younger players on the PGA Tour should “lynch Tiger Woods in a alley.”

Vodpod videos no longer available.So cute. Hey, for all you newly discovered racist (and that’s all she is, just a discovered one) apologists, you can save your breath about Kelly not being a bigot. Believe you me, SHE IS RACIST. No doubt, despite popular belief, racists don’t just look like this:


They also look like this:


And bigots don’t just look like this:


No question, they can also look like this:


Kelly is racist, believe me. How many of you out there just see a black person and immediately make a crack about historical racial oppression? Not many. It’s just not what people do (well, not most people). You know why, because this brand of racism just isn’t on most people’s radar screen. They just don’t have all the pieces to be a solid racist in 2008, but Kelly does.

In order to be a good racist you have to 1. have knowledge of the racist dig you want to deliver, 2. apply it appropriately in context and 3. have such a wanton disregard for the group you’re about to disparage that you’re willing to do it publicly. Kelly did all three and came up big in the clutch. She just went ahead and said it on the air like it was no big deal. Like you hear shit like that on national sports broadcasts all the time or something. I mean raise your hand if you think it was her first time using the word “lynch” with reference to a black person.


Nah, fuck that. Unless you’re gonna go ahead and dig up her Grandpappy who probably lynched Blacks down there in South Carolina, Kelly should be immediately fired from the Golf Channel. And consider where she’s from, North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina!!! It’s not exactly the most progressive place in the world. I’ve been there actually, Kelly would know as most Duke grads do, that Duke students go to Myrtle Beach after finals. When we went, this is literally what we found.


This is a picture of a restaurant in Kelly Tilghman’s hometown. She grew up on a golf course, please note the “Golf Packages Welcome”…you think Kelly hasn’t gone to eat there? You think someone who is from a place where racist symbols like this are accepted and THEN goes on TV talking about lynching a black golfer isn’t racist?!?!


And yes I heard that she offered a retraction. Hey Kelly, apology NOT accepted! If she is retained, then golf in general and the Golf Channel specifically, is exactly what we thought it was: a place where sentiments like these are accepted and welcome. I know, I know, these people aren’t racist anymore, it’s all in the past. That’s why Fuzzy Zeoller said what he did about to Tiger Woods after her won the Masters for the first time.

Now I see why Tiger works out as much as he does.


With all these supposed “friends” of his dropping racist blasts on him, I’d hate to hear what his enemies say about him. I can tell you one thing, with these shady racist southerners running around, he best not stop until he looks like this.


You never know, some of Kelly’s good ole boys from SC might take her up on her offer and take Tiger ’round the wood shed.
Fuck Kelly Tilghman!


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25 Responses to “Golf Analyst: “Lynch Tiger Woods in a back alley””

  1. mrod Says:

    Man, give her a cup of shit.

  2. Kelly wants Tiger Woods Lynched Part 2 « Us Versus Them Says:

    […] As I said before:  Not good enough. Again, that’s not a “N-word” slip up or a off color comment about some a miscellaneous Afro, oh no, that was 1. knowledge of racist statement, 2. application to a situation of white dudes and a black man and 3. execution of said statement IN CONTEXT. Shit, even this guy thinks two weeks isn’t good enough. […]

  3. libby Says:

    While your at it…is there any way you can get them to do something about not calling Washington the “Redskins”, it really chaps the ass of another group of us out there

  4. Ryan Davison Says:

    Lynch is now racist….. we should publish a dictionary just so I can keep up with it all. There I though they were lynching other races for untold years. So now African Americans have sole right to that word? If a mob kills a man of any race it is a LYNCHING. No one has the right to claim that one as racist. Way to judge someone on one ambiguous term that she used. You are too narrow-minded.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Let me get this straight, you’re questioning whether lynching is a racist reference? I won’t argue over such an absurd point. Lynching in the American context is a clear reference to the thousands of race based lynchings of Black Americans. Open up a history book. You’re an idiot.

  6. Chris Edwards Says:

    When are idots like you going to let the racist issue in America die??????
    You ever thought about not grouping people. Were Americans just call us that.

  7. Lake Arlington Says:

    Just let it die? Finally a solution that makes perfect sense. I wonder why somebody else didn’t think of that. Oh ok. I’m sure all the black people who don’t have sh*t and never got sh*t after slavery, jim crow, segregation (meanwhile, those people are still alive) and all the other hell they catch would agree with you. Why don’t we all just “get over it”… hell, I don’t see why the jews are so into that holocaust thing, either. Perhaps all the families who were victims of 9/11 shouldn’t have such thin skin. Those people in Darfur should just get over it, I mean, those murders happened YESTERDAY for goodness sake, let bygones be bygones.

    In fact, everyone should just pop in “don’t worry be happy”, suck on a lollypop and read your book entitled, “I’m Chris and I’ve mastered the art of simplistic analysis of a complex phenomenon.” It would be a best seller. No, you know on second thought, maybe, Chris, you’re a fucking idiot. Right and you know dick about race issues and should just shut the fuck up. Yeah, that’s probably a better solution. Thanks.

  8. Chris Edwards Says:

    Whoa there Lake, I’m talking about racism in America.I fully agree if we dont study and learn from our past we will make the same mistakes again. What I wish America to do is study our mistakes from the past but move on. If we would quit labeling people and making a big deal about small issues we may have a chance to wipe out racism. Why do we have to enter our race on applications and forms? We are all Americans and there are civil laws and Constitution rights that protect us all. We are all created equal. If the law is broken report it to the people who are in charge of protecting us. There is no such thing as a hate crime. A crime is a crime.

  9. Lake Arlington Says:

    I disagree. You’re right that we need to move on at some point, but need I remind you that there were slaves IN THIS country less than 150 years ago. That’s like 3 generations deep. You act like this all occurred back thousands of years ago. No, the impact of slavery and racism is still here right now. Any black person who is 50 years of age or older grew up in a society where, BY LAW, they couldn’t use the same facilities or receive equal education as Whites. These are people who are living and working right this very second!!! This isn’t some cats running around with the founding fathers. And you’re telling them to just “move on?”

    I don’t think so. So when those people hear someone laughing and talking about lynching someone and they know people who have literally been lynched by angry mobs, “move on” somehow doesn’t cut it. Move on? Move on from what? America has never even acknowledged what we did to Black Americans and you want to move on? It’s a small issue to you because you don’t tangibly carry the burdens of slavery, segregation and racism everyday. You don’t live in a community that is a vestige of that history. Damn a move on, I’ll move on when the issue is properly addressed. What your message says is ignore and move on, I’m saying acknowledge it properly, address the issues and THEN move on. What you don’t realize is that racists America who didn’t desire any sort of equality for all, have used your same argument, even back when we had slaves! People always want to move on, but they rarely want to address and fix the problem.

    And just as a point of information, there is such a thing as a hate crime. You’re wrong. The hate element of it goes to intent. If a Black person targets a White person simply because of their status as a White person, that’s a hate crime. The problem is that historically, Whites have targeted minorities and it hasn’t been prosecuted. The concept of the hate crime takes the racism and the violence that comes with it and classifies it as a separate crime altogether. This rhetoric about it all being crime is off base. We have plenty of crimes under the law that change based on the intent of the actor, murder being one of them. Wake up bro. You sound like an alright guy, but all you’re doing is regurgitating old arguments that were designed to undercut real progress in this country.

    Finally, you can’t tell me Kelly didn’t know that was offensive. She grew up in a racist society in Myrtle Beach, SC. She covers Golf which has a horribly racist past. I’ve been to Myrtle before, maybe you haven’t. I think people just don’t realize how things really are in parts of this country. Seeing openly racist shit down there is no big deal. Confederate flags, law jockeys, sambos.. all that shit is commonplace. She knew or should have known what she did and it was a big deal. Rant over.

  10. Chris Edwards Says:

    Time to agree to disagree. My final thoughts.
    1. The North won the civil war. If there is no law agaist confederate flags lets make one.
    2. Tiger wasn’t upset by the comments. Why don’t people mind there own buisness. Sometimes stirring the pot is a bad thing.
    3. I know about racism. I know the slaves were mis treated, I know there are many uneducated bigots and racist in America. My point is lets use the laws we have or create new ones if needed. A crime against one person to another should not mention anything about race or gender,religion etc. The more you bring in the race factor the worse the problem gets. There are currently no laws that restict any Law abidding american from living as they choose. You bring up problems that have been solved. If a appology is what you want than I as an American citizen apologize to any person who has been mistreated in america. Now all I want you to do in return is follow are laws,vote and be happy.

  11. Lake Arlington Says:

    Wait a second, you’re asking that we Americans “follow our laws” and at the same time you’re complaining about hate crime LAWS that are on the books in every state in the union. I think I hear you. Your message is simple: There shouldn’t be racism, there is but it’s not that big a deal and talking about the real racism that exists, only perpetuates the problem.”

    Sort of like, talking about rape only causes rape. Talking about tax fraud, only informs people that they can actually defraud our government. Slaves were mistreated? They were slaves (!!!) stolen from where the lived, not workers at the in and out burger who want a discount on fries for their family members.. LOL.. Jeez. Wake up.

    If Tiger isn’t offended by a lynching comment made by one of his friends, that’s his business, but when you say that in the public sphere, you’re held to a much higher standard. Pleez, your the kind of guy who is ok with all injustice unless it’s right in your face. I would guess you hate the KKK but are ok with what Bush didn’t do in New Orleans and why he didn’t do it. Next.

  12. Duke Blue Says:

    Lake is right Chris. You’re being way to overly simplistic about this. I mean, what do you think should have been done, just let it go? If we did what you’re advocating all we’d be doing is giving racists a pass. Laws and public outcry are what makes them accountable. There are people who have murdered civil rights leader in the South who still haven’t been prosecuted. Everyone knows they did it and they’ll even tell you so, but the local authorities are in cahoots with them. You act like as long as we apologize it’s all even. It’s not and you know it. I’m white and honestly, I think only reparations will finally put this thing to bed. It will never happen though, because people like Chris and others who are far less polite, will never let that happen. They want black people to have a coke and a smile and just get over it. It’s ridiculous and this woman absolutely should have been fired.

  13. Chris Edwards Says:

    Different Subject
    You ever watched the Black Entertainment Network on T.V.?
    1. Why are ther so many movies on BET about Black Gangsters,Drug Dealers, and convicts. I’m a homo so that scares me.
    2. Why do the comic shows make fun of white people and stand up comedians make jokes about black women? The jokes about white people makes me feel inadequate.
    3. And the most confusing thing is Blacks on national T.V. grabbing there nuts and talking in slang and acting like there from the hood? Dressing like clowns And acting like they wre never taught any manners. When those black people grab their nuts, it reminds me that I have no and that I have close to no dick as well.
    4. I thought the BET chanel was to help blacks in the Entertainment buisness because they dont get a even break on other Networks. If I had it my way, blacks would still be slaves, that way, a loser like me with no talent, no ability and no fucking chicks could just rape women with impunity. After all, how else could I get laid?
    Blacks want change in America but they act like uneducateded idots on National T.V. ????????????????????????????????????????
    5. Why am I unemployed, it must be black people’s fault.
    6. Why do I love nuts in my mouth?
    7. Why is it that I can’t spell, don’t understand worldly issues and secretly want Tiger’s wood in me?

  14. Chris Edwards Says:

    P.S. Black N.B.A. players who are Millionares but hang out at strip bars piss me off because I really want them to fuck me. You see, I’m a full fledged faggot and there’s nothing I like more than a strong black man, extra long and tall, to use me like a prison yard bitch. I’m a loser, an idiot, a racist and a product of the lowest of low lifes from Eastern block countries where my ancestors were run out of town for being ultra fags just like me. I got a 700 on my SAT and went to some shitting State school, please put me out of my misery.. no seriously, kill me.

  15. Lake Arlington Says:

    Funny how when a mental midget gets backed onto the ropes, he just goes straight to his down home ignorance card since it’s all he has. Chris is obviously that kind of guy.

    Right, interesting you failed to mention a single positive black person AND even tried to invalidate black civil rights leaders. You commentary about black people is the same for American society at large. Please.

    Look, you are what I figured you were, a good for nothing, weak ass, bullshit white boy who can’t hack it in the real world and thus, needs to talk shit about minorities to make yourself feel good. The guys who do this blog went to Duke (the same school the “reporter” went to dumbass), Harvard and Georgetown, schools that wouldn’t allow a cocksucker like you to sweep the floors. Eat a dick and go wash some lettuce you low life.

  16. Lake Arlington Says:

    Oh now I get it, all along Chris was really a racist pretending to talk out the issues in a civilized fashion until he got beat down by the overwhelming analysis and facts brought to bear on his dumb ass..

    Whoa, an ignorant ass dude comes on here and actually defends Kelly Tilghman’s right to make “lynch Tiger” comments, what a stretch. I never saw that one coming. I can take solace in the fact that based on his writing alone, he’ll have a long life of fast food restaurant management at the apex of his career. Hey, Chris, don’t mess up my order either and hurry up and get me some extra packets of ketchup you cretin. Chop chop!!

  17. Chris Edwards Says:

    Settle down LAKE you lost your cool and missed my point
    I didn’t mention positive black role models and the millions of black people who are a asset to the human race. I also didn’t mention the great blacks from history, Dr.King was not only a great man but he has to be one of the bravest of all time,I have studied Malcom X and racisim made him very misunderstood,Henry Aaron.Satchel Paige,Jesse Owens,Jackie Robinson, great men who had to conquer racism just to get a chance. I could also mention Rev.Jackson and Sharpton I dont always agree with them but they are outstanding Americans!
    I didn’t mention these people because I’m trying to make the point that people are making a big deal about a stupid comment but don’t say anything about the Black athletes,Rappers,actors and entertainers who make stuipid comments all the time. These people also need to lose there jobs. It’s O.K. to condone gang violence and cop killing but you can’t accidently say Lynching??
    Why are you attacking me and not the issue??? I’m not going to defend against your comments. I personally think white people who go around telling people how non racist they are are hiding something. It’s about as bad as a white person standing on a soap box and shouting to the world they are a white person.
    I still say we should NOT be classified by race!!! By the way why is Tiger a black man?? Why dont we call him Asian???? I bet if he was tested there are more Asian genes in his blood than Afican. I say he is a great golfer period.

  18. Lake Arlington Says:

    Dude, you are wrong that black people condone gang violence. Where do you get that? Does Mario Puzzo condone organized crime when he wrote The Godfather? Also, the percentage of black athletes who “say something stupid” is very small. The vast majority of black athletes are just good guys who can play a sport well. Go down the roster of any professional team and you’re struggle to find someone who can rightfully be accused of the things you’re describing. The reason why you know it is because conflict sells papers and media would rather talk about Allen Iverson than they would Grant Hill, Chaucey Billips, Ben Gordon, or Richard Hamilton. How often do you hear about Randy Moss or Pacman Jones (who is an average player). How often to you hear about Champ Baily (who is better than Jones) or (Marvin Harrison). Nobody wants to hear about Marvin Harrison or Tory Holt being a regular family man at home. But yet you choose to focus on it. BET is an entertainment channel that is owned by Viacom, the same channel that owns MTV and VH1. Do you think MTV and all their foolishness is indicative of a problem in white society? Of course not, but yet you hold BET to that standard.

    Who accidentally says lynching? Lynch just isn’t a commonly used word in American parlance. The N-word would have been a slip, “Lynch” is something entirely different. If you’ve studied black history, then you should know better about the import of the word lynch. It’s not some throw away word, it’s powerful and people know it, especially a woman from South Carolina, where Kelly Tilghman is from.

    Tiger Woods is considered black because in this country, and this is BECAUSE OF SLAVERY, the LAW was that if you had any black blood in you, you were considered black. That’s the history of our nation. Of course race is a fiction created by human beings, I get that. But it doesn’t change the fact that it has a huge impact on people’s lives in America. You may want to ignore it, but America has a HUGE race problem and it’s not going to go away by BET not having a gangster character on tv or by letting a southerner like Kelly Tilghman get away with making a “lynch Tiger” crack. But let me be clear, NOBODY is condoning gang violence, drug use and other societal ills. People dedicate their lives to stopping that. You think black people want that? What proof do you have, BET? Come on.

  19. Brock Hardon Says:

    Damn, watching two white dudes argue about race is like watching two gay dudes argue about my dick, you’re never gonna get it. Chris, when Tiger Woods or anyone who looks like him walks down the street, he’s a black man plain and simple. People treat you how they perceive you. Bottom line. That shit Kelly said is never cool, period.

  20. petey Says:

    Lake – Settle down, you are just a touch too overly sensitive on this, be realistic, PC is BS, people are people fraught with shortcomings and endowed to be mistake prone, get off of your high horse and be tolerant of people who a. are not like you b. don’t agree with you c. are human beings d. don’t kiss the behind of closed minded, egotistical, ethnocentric idiots like you!

  21. petey Says:

    Lake – your Mario Puzzo comment made me puke, you are truely a total waste of human protoplasm, you support Mario Puzzo and his degradation of God fearing, hard working Italian Americans? Because he doesn’t “promote organized crime” but it is OK for him to promulgate negative stereotypes of Italian Americans? You are the worst kind of hypocrite you don’t even care about the consistency of what you are saying as long as it serves your personal political agenda it is OK, you have proved your weakness of character, say no more, say no more.

  22. Lake Arlington Says:

    Petey, I’m not sure if you’re Italian or not. I AM DICKHEAD and I know not one Italian who doesn’t think the Godfather series is awesome. People who say PC is BS just want a license for their lack of civility. While you’re telling me what to do, why don’t you do this: Get off my dick aka my blog, ok? Weakness of character, why, because I’m not a redneck fuck who can’t realize that I lost the war, can no longer fuck my sister and must finally get formally educated instead of blaming my shit life on immigrants, blacks and jews? Please…Next.

  23. petey Says:

    Lake – I am really glad you have this blog because without it you’d have nothing! As it is now you are probably out searching for Dorothy to help you locate a brain. Your demonstration of formal education leaves much to be desired. Your evaluation of my value system based on the fact that I disagree with you on one issue is frightening. Your ethnocentrism blinds you and your use of foul language defines you. My hertiage is irrelevant to my argument. You are not worth the time, effort and energy it would take to bring you up to speed so that an argument could ensue, in the mean time, feel free to curse me and further your opposition.

  24. B.T. Jurnik Says:

    You are so full of shit its hard to believe you are still alive.

  25. hypocrites Says:

    You idiots are such a bunch of narrow minded jack asses, Have you ever said something that you didn’t mean? Anything ever come out of your mouth that was a mistake and you didn’t know it until after you said it. Why would she wait until that time and place to say something like that? Idiots, nobody cares about what she said except for the assholes just waiting for something to bitch about. Keep crying morons. The people complaining are the biggest racists of all. What if Stuart Scott had made the comment, would it be the same? You probably all would have laughed it off, freakin’ hypocrite, shut the fuck up and go live your lives.

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