Dumbization of America IV: Everyone Gets to Cut the Bride


Chidi Ogbuta decided to go all out for her wedding when she thought it should be designed to look just like her.


That’s Crazy. She even knew how she was going to get her hair “did” for the occasion. You know those moments when you hear a story and you hope the people aren’t your race/related to you/anyone you know/didn’t go to your college. We’ll I’m having one of those moments.

Respect to the cake makers though. They really got old girl down on that one. Now I don’t normally eat cake, but if someone dropped an ass cheek in front of me, I’d have to at least taste it. One last question…

Is it chocolate?


P.S. – For those of you who don’t get the title, “cut” is ATL-based African-American vernacular for having sex. It’s a double entendre people!

“How you ain’t gonna cut, girl I’m me! I’m the got damn reason you in VIP.” – Ludacris

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