Belichick is AP Coach of the Year


Bill Belicheat was named the 2007 Associated Press Coach of the Year today.


Congrats from UvT. We were definitely pulling for you. Let me get this straight. This is a cheater.


This is not:


I love the highly ethical, consistent and completely unbiased media members. I guess it pays to have some homies to spread the blame errr cloud the issue errr get your back.


I know, I know, Belichick is just misunderstood. I know. Keep up the good work Bill. Who knows, maybe you can get with your boy Dubyah are run for public office. Belicheat in 2008!!!

– Lake

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4 Responses to “Belichick is AP Coach of the Year”

  1. Daryl Says:


  2. Belicheat Says:

    Belichick is a liar and a cheater. He cheated on his wife and cheated the game of football. He sets a poor example for our youth and it virtually classless. Fuck him. He doesn’t deserve an award, he deserves a pink slip for not being a decent human being.

  3. Ronald Says:

    Go Pats. Tom Brady is the best ever. Belichick is a genius and Randy Moss is a beast. I love the Pats. Boston is title town.

  4. RosyF Says:

    “Belicheat” are you serious? You should calm down and take a breath. You’re outrage is way over blown. He was not up for husband of the year or cannonoziation. Coach of the year has to do with his coaching of the Patriots who have gone 16-0. As for the camera thing he broke a rule and has had to deal with the consequences. His actions were not worthy of capital punishment. As for our youth, I don’t really care for them…but the best thing for them is to learn is that there are many sides to people and not to idolize anyone.

    p.s. And what kind of example are you setting for our youth by using foul language? : )

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