The Best Show on TV is back: The Wire



I’m told that this season will focus on the media. Well great, but I definitely need to hear from my boy Marlo:


We see you Snoop. And I gotta get a lil love from my boy Avon Barksdale:


Man, I know Avon isn’t going let Omar, Marlo and Prop Joe slide… And it’s the last season too, so you know they’re going to tie up some of the loose ends. Oh and what about the kids?


Michael is obviously a fan favorite (hence his love in the Jay Z video), Dukie is probably a monster in training, Namond is who we thought he was and Randy, well, Randy won’t rest until he’s sleeping with the fishes, mark my words.


That angel of death role they’ve got for Chris is really wild. “It’s cool yo, I’ll keep it clean.” At any rate, this may be the best show I’ve ever seen. It’s just great. I’m told it’s available HBO On Demand, not now, but right now, so I’ll be handling that little piece of bitniz in about 30 seconds. Maybe I’ll hook up a review.

– Lake

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