Shawt Shorts: The Aftermath


Lake already covered the Lakers rocking their throwback shorts on Sunday night. But he didn’t show the effects that rocking those shorts could have on a Black man. As he mentioned, Luke Walton was fine, he looked like he might be rocking those for the rest of the season, but Lamar Odom completely lost his mind. By the second half, this happened:

Odom just went mad. Ray Allen was probably telling him to go get some Nair, or that his little brother wanted his shorts back, or that the Laker Girls (the actual cheerleaders, not the chicks Lake keeps around the office) wouldn’t be able to perform in the fourth quarter until the team gives them their shorts back.


Actually, those might be longer than the shorts Andrew Bynum got to wear.

Check this video compilation of the event. Terrible dude, basketball is a game of swagger…you can’t let your team go out like this. No wonder they got drug by 20.

Rick Fox was laughing and taking pictures. Like Sisqo said, “I think I’ll say it ageeeeiiiiiiin”

This dude:


Was laughing at them and taking pictures. Yeah, Mr. Nutra Perm himself had jokes. Lakers, Jerry Buss, you’ve had your fun…don’t do it again. I think this is ranked just below George Karl’s personal throwback tribute.


But just barely.


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One Response to “Shawt Shorts: The Aftermath”

  1. Wild Bill Says:

    Wild Bill

    This sure as heck beats reading Playboy in the dark wth a flashlight.

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