And I don’t need airbrush for this piiiic: Milian


And yes to my BK crew, I did drop yet another Jay Z, “No Hook” reference. You happy now? I love Brooklyn and Jay Z… ha For all those haters out there that just thought Christina Milian’s genius was limited to a cute smile and some hot photoshop skills, think again.


The heels and the ‘kini are so classy. Ha Hey, if it looks good, it’s all good.


Daaayum, I put my hand up on your (right) hip, when I dip you dip we dip!

Hey, the hater chicks over at bossip said these joints look like a Jet beauty of the month pics..haaa I can’t lie, they got that one right. That astro turf she’s standing on doesn’t help. I can only assume that her boyfriend is taking these before he hits, right? There’s no other excuse for this kind of “spread” by a chick of this caliber. Hey, I aint complaining.


Love the KFC thigh. Here’s the Jet special…


Very nice, how much?


– Lake


My man Brock just hit me from a remote location to let me know that I left a few pics of Milly out. So here they go…Milly from the top of the arch.

Milly throws the Heisman to all the haterz.


Milly rotates it.


Now stop, and wiggle with it (YEAH)


I think K-Ci said it best in his remake of “If you think you’re lonely now“….

EYEEEEEE WANNA TESTIFY!!!! Lordy. That last angle just crashed my pc. Lord help… Seriously, “Elizabeth, I think this is the big one….”


Help. seriously, someone come over and help me.. I’m dying right now. Damn. Even when it’s ulgy, it’s pretty.


Wow. I mean, I could literally just keep on posting pictures of this chick. but I won’t. Nick Cannon is an asshole by the way. How could anyone let this chick get away from them before 2012? Out.

4 Responses to “And I don’t need airbrush for this piiiic: Milian”

  1. h8torade Says:

    nice work….that shit is ridiculous!

  2. Eddie Says:

    Dip it low, pic it up slow…pop, pop, pop that thing.. Milian is not of this world. I love her…

  3. jeremy Says:

    Nothing in this world is sexier than CM. She is perfectly flawed… Unreal in that bikini.

  4. RUDOLPH Says:

    ass is a little too small

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