Classic New Years Material: Merry New Year!!!


This is perhaps the best comedy movie EVER made.  Indeed, Trading Places was Eddie Murphy at his finest.

So good…too good actually. Here’s the part when he meets up with Dan Aykroyd aka Lionel Joseph from JAH-Me-yeah-kah… CLASSIC.

Too good…”Da-booday, da-booday, da-booday HA, Da-booday, da-booday, da-booday HA“…

Anyway, I didn’t include the full clip because the sound quality was low. But here is it.. If you are a fan of the movie, it’s still great after all these years.

I’m not saying Eddie Murphy was the funniest cat ever, though he very well may be, but he’s got the funniest body of work out there. I know, I know, Richard Pryor…no doubt, Rich was a bad mofo, but Eddie is unbelievably hilarious. “Beef Jerky time”…. See.


Anyway, Merry New Year to all our readers. Without us, meaning Brock and Lakey the Kang, none of this would be possible and I just wanted to take this time to thank myself and remind myself of that very clear fact.

– Lake in ’08

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