Guilty pleasure: Shawty is a 10


Despite the fact that this is yet another high-pitched cat doing his best Alvin and the Chipmunks do R&B impression, I must admit, I like this song. Roll the tape.

I don’t know, maybe it’s the way he pronounces the word “ten”. Anyone who says “Tea-ee-in” is relatively cool with me. Additionally, this song is a clear nod to R. Kelly. I mean, everything about the way the song goes is pure aRa and I’m all in as a lifelong R. Kelly music fan (he’s a low cat otherwise). I’m also down with the Jay Z “And I don’t need no hook for this sheeeit” reference, eventhough this clown rocks that line right before he goes straight into the hook. In fact, damn near the entire song is a hook. Oh well, I also have to give it up for the French Bulldog cameo too.


I know, I know… Need I remind you suckers that this is MY BLOG?! Ha..

Of course, there are some glaring negative issues with this song as well. First, you have that garbage cat Jazzy Pha, then you’ve got that inexplicably poor choreography that looks like some sort of terrible Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority sisters do fraternity steps gone waaaay wrong and finally, you have the fact that the song is done by a dude named “Dream”. I mean, why not just go ahead and call yourself Delicious, Really-Fine or something equally absurd. Ok, enough, I like the song, I’m embarrassed about it and I put it all out here as my public confession right before the new year ends. I’ll do better in 2008.

– Lake

Oh and by the way, I just took a vote and by my calculations Lake is UvT man of the year. I would like to thank all the readers, the voters (which was me) and Brock for this great honor. I nudged out Justin Timberlake by a nose I’m told..pretty hot.

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