Perfect? Pats cap off controversial regular season


I hate to say I told yall so, but of course, Lake was right again as the Pats made short work of the New York Giants. Eli put up a nice fight early, but he suddenly remembered that he was who we thought he was in that second half.


Anyway, this post has nothing to do with those fakers in blue (have fun losing in that first round playoff game fellas). What I want to focus on is this turmoil filled season for the Pats. Sure, the Pats are 16-0 and perfect on the field, but when you put it all into context, it’s more like a “Prefect” season than anything else. Can you believe all the controversy these cats had to deal with this year? Here’s my year in review rundown:

1. Pimps up hoes down, Brady style


Oh yes, ole Bridge wasn’t very happy when Tom traded in her iRobot level career and played out her real life Sex and the City Natasha scenario en route to bagging supermodel Gisele.


Boy Gisele is attractive, but I wonder how she stays so thin.


Gisele riding the white horse, is there anything better than that? Plus this chick has an estimated $150 million in the bank. Tom Brady truly is great.

2. The Revenge of Bridgette

Unfortunately, young B wasn’t going to go quietly when Tom moved on to a better version of her.


Tom got caught out there with the okie doke and got a little egg on his face. Normally this wouldn’t be an issue, but Tom had previously branded himself as a “golden boy” of sorts. Maybe it was a media creation and maybe it was just him. Either way, this didn’t help that or any image of Tom’s.


Damn, wild torpedo belly, I wonder what that kid was doing up in there.


Oh well, it’s not a big deal to me. But the dirt under Tom’s fingernails worked for his mojo this year. If you ax me, he needs to go ahead and get Gizzy preggers and then upgrade to a newer and younger chick….this all would be for the glory of the Pats of course. Tom needs his medicine.

3. Beli-Cheat and Spygate


Say what you want about the Pats, but this season should not be minimized by the Spygate scandal. Again, the Pats needed spygate to motivate them and make them nasty. Clearly it worked. Hey, there really isn’t much more to say about this part of the story, but I just like the pictures I have depicting spygate so much that I’ll just throw another up for my own amusement.


4. Everything that makes Bill Belichick the Hoody

First is that ridiculous cut-off sweatshirt hoody that he rocks. I mean dude looks like a freaking homeless person on the sideline. He’s got the wrinkled up, wrinkle free dockers, the thugged out hoody joint and that freaking crazy concrete mug. It’s just hilarious.


Then you have the fact that he got dimed out by the Man-genius for being a cheater even though the League warned him to stop taping his opponents sidelines.


That foolishness earned him that hot $500,000 fine and about $500,000,000 in embarrassment. But you can’t stop Bill. My favorite story about him from this year was how he ran hoes out of that Brooklyn brownstone.


You just gotta love it.

At any rate, this certainly is a team for the ages. Like all great teams, there is more to pay attention to than just the games themselves. Please note that Randy Moss has done nothing but make this team better this year and hasn’t brought ANY off field foolishness to the table.


Randy is the man and if he was the one running some dude’s wife like a ho or knocking up multiple actress/models, the media would be all over him. What can you do… Congrats to the Pats. I’ve enjoyed it

– Lake

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5 Responses to “Perfect? Pats cap off controversial regular season”

  1. libby Says:

    Yep, Tom Brady is a wonderboy, got a great arm, got a great team got a real fine woman. I am jeaous! But, he kind of creeps me out. He reminds me of that pathetic guy in high school who follows the pretty girl all over the place…whining. I imagine we’ll see him on the cover of people after mutliple plastic surgeries, whining about how he wants to have a relationship with his son and apologizing for throwing Bridget to the curb when she was pregnant. Have you ever noticed he looks like a buffed up version of Leonardo di Caprio? Tom dumped Bridget for younger Gisele, Leo dumped Gisele for much younger and way sexy Bar Rafael. Let’s see how this all pans out in five years. Gisele will probably be after Brady Quinn. She stays thin because she smokes, alot….duh!

  2. Larry Johnson Says:

    Tom is pimping these hoes because he can. I love it. Tom makes it rain on and off the field. Belichick is a genius and in order to feed his jones, he needs some extra women too. It’s the way of the world people. Grow up and kiss the ring bitches…16-0!!!!

  3. Bill Gates Says:

    Pats are the best team ever, period end of story. All the haters can just go on and hate.

  4. libby Says:

    Tom Brady is a catholic, could that be why he has no morals? A big hell yes to that….he made a deal with the devil aka the Pope

  5. matt white Says:

    pats are prolly the worst team out there. they only won cause they pretty much cheated by the wideo camera. they arent good enough to play without cheating obviously

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