Foregone conclusion: Pats will get to 16-0


This is barely worth posting on, but I’ve been gone for a minute so I figured I’d just check in. Today I’m in Boston and all you see is Pats gear everywhere. Normally that wouldn’t mean much but in a place where the Red Sox outshine EVERYTHING it’s pretty significant to see all this Pats stuff so prominently placed.


And I’m told that even more people nationwide want the Pats to lose today.


Well, guess what, it aint gonna happen. The Pats are a LOCK to win today. And why? First of all, Eli Manning just sucks and there’s really nothing more than needs to be said about that. He’s nothing like his brother and something like his father. He’s a below average NFL quarterback with an unfortunate name. The second issue is that the Giants aren’t that good. Sure they’ve got 10 wins, but they had a soft schedule and failed to show up against stiff comp. The Giants are going nowhere in the playoffs and they’ll be completely outmatched today by Darth Hoody.


With that said, you gotta give it to the Hoody Billy Beli-cheat and the dirty pretty boy Tommy Skywalker. Just as a side note, I like this new Tom Brady. Homey has a little dirt under his fingernails and I think I like it.


I mean, he’s running high profile hoes, got kids out of wedlock, he’s been running some hot smack during games…. sheyut, this aint your girlfriend’s Tom. He’s officially gone over to the Dark Side and I think he likes it.


Anyway, great season, but will any of it matter if they can’t put away Peyton and the Colts?

– Lake

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9 Responses to “Foregone conclusion: Pats will get to 16-0”

  1. Kelli Says:

    I like my Tom Brady with a mean streak. He is too hot for words!
    He is taking over the world before our eyes.

  2. Snerdly Says:

    As a lifelong Patriots fan (yes… even back when they sucked donkey balls), I am more than a bit nervous about the playoffs…

    And it isn’t the Colts that I think poses the biggest problem, but rather the Jags.

  3. Terry Says:

    I hate the Pats, but I have to give it up. They overcame all the odds this year and they got it done. Randy Moss doesn’t get enough credit because of Brady, but he’s my MVP for the entire league. Tom runs these chicks about as well as he runs these actresses. I love it. Tom up, hoes down…but I think Peyton Manning will beat the Pats when it’s all said and done. Great drama..

  4. Gina Lynn Says:

    Tom can have my baby any day. I love Tom and I’m Randy for Moss. Pats up hoes down!!!

  5. Pats Suck Says:

    The Pats are cheaters and their records are tainted. End of story.

  6. Bhutto Says:

    Tom and Randy are the best tandem ever. Randy is more explosive than Rice and Tom is more clutch than Montana. Belichick is an asshole, but he’s a good coach and perfect for this bunch. You gotta respect what they have accomplished. 16-0 in this era is unbelievable and Boston, a town which I hate, is definitely title town…. What can you do? Enjoy it while it lasts.

  7. Snerdly Says:

    Hey “Pats Suck”, stop whining like a lil’ bytch.

  8. Ron Paul Says:

    Best ever!!!! Go Pats.

  9. libby Says:

    Patriots rule on the field….off the field they are classless. You got a deadbeat dad as the quarterback, a coach who cheats on other teams and his wife… You are right, if Randy Moss pulled the same sh*T, they would be doing a story about how black men don’t live up to their obligations. Holy sh*&, the free passes they give white people on their behavior. Good thing Mr. and Mrs. Brady can be proud of their only son on the field, but off the field he is a prick. They present themselves as great people, I bet they are like every other catholic out there…hypocrites. I hope somebody spears Brady next year…now that I would pay to see.

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