Trash can of the ACC: Maryland Basketball


I’ll just stick to objective facts here. This is why Maryland Sucks:

1. You’ve got a sweaty Chicken Wing Pimp for a Coach


Gary, put the hoes and chicken wangs down, try recruiting for a change.

2. Your team has a zero percent graduation rate (literally, your scholarship players never graduate…from Maryland)


Stay in school, just say no, put the pipe down, keep off the streets, put something in yo’ head and not on it and pull your shoes up. Basically, do everything that you don’t regularly do and maybe you’ll graduate a player or two in the next decade.
3. You have no recruits


Remember these? They’re called RECRUITS!! When was the last time you pulled a top flight recruit (and no, that cat Gus Gilcrist who has no offensive game doesn’t count)? When was the last time a Maryland recruiting class was actually ranked in the top 10? Oh, I’m just hatin’ right? Check the stats. Your cupboard is bare and you’ve got nobody of note in the hopper even. You can only get so many Juco thugz to fill out your line-up.

4. You play and often lose to cupcake competition designed to pad your win totals

Look at the teams Murrland play/played this year: North Florida, Hampton, Northeastern, Lehigh, VCU, Morgan State (and Hampton?), Ohio, American, Delaware, Savannah State??? I mean, what is this, who’s who in Division I-AA? LOL. North Florida? And you lose to them half the time at that. You lost to Ohio AND American at home?


I know, I know, Duke lost to VCU (just like you guys just did) in the NCAA tournament last year, but did Duke have to take Northeastern in OT to get a win? Is Duke 7-5 in mid December? No, let me help you, Duke is 9-0. Sure, you played UCLA and Missouri, but you lost! I’ll give you the win against Illinois, but that’s literally all you have to show for this year. Honestly, what do you think is going to happen to your team come ACC play?


Get some.

5. Your fans/students are ignorant thugs with books


LOL, it’s just so true, it’s hilarious.


7. You ride the dizzick of real ACC schools incessantly


We know, that’s why it happens so often, right?

8. Your players stay in trouble with the cops


Why’d you shoot your guns by the White House Lonny?


9. Your season just started but it’s already over


Even in a down ACC your team will suck this year. You’ll only do what you typically do, try to be a spoiler, the proverbial crabs in the barrel, because your season is OVA!!!!

10. Cuz Lake said so, bitches

– Young Lakey the King


6 Responses to “Trash can of the ACC: Maryland Basketball”

  1. TERPGRAD Says:

    Your a dumb ass, If maryland sucks so much how come we beat elite recruiting programs like duke and unc with no recruits. PS: watch maryland make the tourney and then please stop wasting your time picking on MD and try and beat unc on the road and then how about stop losing in the tourney its been quite sometime since you won a national championship and with all your 5 star talent you should be rippin it up right.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Is that the new standard, winning a National Championship? Haa That loss really hurt you huh? I know, I was thinking about you as the game closed. Believe me, I enjoyed it to the fullest.. As you said, see ya in Cameron. LOL

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    Terpgrad, check out my take on the game.. tell me what you think. LOL

  4. Brent Says:

    I enjoyed laughing at how wrong you were at all the predictions of our season being over. Looks like we are doing just fine and ready to whip your ass as usual in the little bandbox you call a stadium. Try and get a nice new stadium like ours. No wonder your lame fans have to stand outside for days. And to not think that we are not a real ACC team just shows how little you know. This isn’t FSU or BC you are talking to here. I think what bothers you the most is how well we have done against you in the last decade. You just can’t stand the added competition. GO TERPS!!!

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    We’ll see. Will you be burning cars tonight if you win? How bout when you lose? Did you enjoy that stiff arse kicking we put on you last time up at Thug Stadium?

  6. Lake Arlington Says:

    We’ll see. Will you be burning cars tonight if you win? How bout when you lose? Did you enjoy that stiff arse kicking we put on you last time up at Thug Stadium?

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