Pitt downs Duke 65 to 64 in Overtime


Daaamn homies, in the first half yall were the mans, homies, now seriously, what the fuck happened to us?


Man, that was a tough loss in the garden. It’s hard to knock the effort of the good guys in blue, after all, a bounce here or there and I’d be talking about a gritty win in OT. With that said, make no mistake, Duke gave Pitt an opportunity to come from behind with that 3 ball to win it and win it they did.


Big credit to Pitt, Jaime Dixon and most of all, Levance Fields who showed ridiculous stones to step up and hit that shot right after a tough offensive foul on the previous possession. Duke didn’t help themselves with a number of missed free throws, a few late bone headed turnovers and that switching defense that Pitt seemed to figure out at the end of the game as they dribbled around the key, waiting for the mismatch they wanted (Fields on McClure anyone?). With that said, I have to again give credit to Coach K for his innovative gameplay and personnel decisions.


Let’s face it, years ago K would NEVER do wholesale offense for defense switches possession to possession. No, he’d rather live and die with “his guys” (Wayne Turner on Wojo anyone?). I can’t fault him, he put the players in a position to win, the guys showed heart, but just came one play short. Again, much respek to Pitt for a nice win and my boys in blue will have no complaints from me. They showed heart, made some really nice plays when we needed them and for the most part, showed a lot of poise for a December game.


They also had two point blank shots to win it in regulation. Hopefully this small setback will make them better. Good game.


Oh and fellas, in case you’re still shopping for me, I want free throw practice for Christmas.

Go Duke

– Lake

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