I Present One of the Most Ridiculous Moments In Music History: The Thong Song


This is a soundtrack post. The first thing you need to do is turn up the speakers and let this joint ride out while you read on.

I think I feel the same way about this song that I do about T-Pain. I hate it…I mean I want to hate it (she had dumps like a truck, truck, truck), but the more it plays, the hotter it gets. Come on, you know this joint was hot when it came out. That violin hit, the beat dropped, and Sisqo will be credited with ushering the thong era (thighs like what, what, what). Then the video hit, straight scandalous.

Sisqo was really trying to do work here too. He goes from basically talking it out in the first verse to full on screaming at the end. (ALL NIGHT LONG! Leeeet meeeeee seeee thaaaaaat Thaw -awwww -awwwwnng!)

Damn that gets me every time. Was this the end of an era, or the beginning of and era? I can’t tell. It might be both. Hey, I liked Dru Hill. When Jodeci was no longer dropping albums (let’s ignore the K-Ci and Jo Jo albums, although there were some decent songs in there) Dru Hill came along and filled the gap. Sisqo even stole K-Ci’s ad libs. They were actually a respectable group, then Sisqo went solo and lost his damn mind.

Seriously, this song had no substance whatsoever. The chorus is:

She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck,

Thighs like what, what, what,

Baby move your butt, butt, butt,

I think I’ll sing it again.

I will say this Sisqo may have altered the future of underwear forever. He made thongs so popular that it wasn’t enough to simply have on a thong that could be seen by a dude lucky enough to get the draws, girls were pulling their pants down and their underwear up to show them off.

As always, Christina Milian is my favorite.


But sometimes is isn’t as intentional or fortunate:


Damn, woman, you are with your baby! I guess you can’t win em all. My problem is that I can’t tell if Sisqo was wearing a thong too…


He’s probably trying to look R&B Thug “hard” in this picture, but he just looks like he is pouting like a five year old who just got told he can’t go outside. Damn.



Good eye on this my man.  One thing I must say is that cats really need to watch that video again.  I mean, despite the fact that there aren’t nan thongs in the video itself, it was a truly exhilarating and innovative piece of music video history.  First of all, this video was the high watermark and definitely a solid beginning to the video hoe era.  I mean, he had hoes en mass in that joint.  Also, total respect for the “I like it when the booty go, da-da, da-da” with the drop pump move by the chicks.. I mean, that joint got me all over again and it’s been like 10 years.  I guess a solid booty drop stays fresh and relevant across time and space and in case you’re wondering, that’s long about the 2:28 minute mark on that video.  Then he took it to the night vision hoes too?  Sisquo was as fruity as a Christmas basket, but homey was talented.  Haaa  definitely stole Jodeci’s style, but I liked it all the same.   Great post.

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2 Responses to “I Present One of the Most Ridiculous Moments In Music History: The Thong Song”

  1. RosyF Says:

    Thanks Prof. Hardon for that throw back joint. My spidey senses tell me that Sisqo has and continues to rock leopard thongs.

    And a shout out to Nokio for pourring wax over his body during “In My Bed” and opening my young eyes to a few things.

  2. Lake Arlington Says:

    Hilarious post.. Definitely that violin which was a great opening gimmick.. “dis thing right here..is to let all the ladies know…..uhh, what guys talk about..” Damn, who knew the writers were on strike even way back then. Definitely sings it out at the end..

    “I think I sing it again..” I also like how certain segment of our population, clearl RosyF is one of them, who took to calling them “thongs”..plural.. haaaa Classic.

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