Britney Jr. is Preggers, of course she is!!!



The blogs are blowing up about Jaime Lynn Spears being pregnant. Well, of course she’s pregnant, she’s Jaime Lynn Spears aka Britney Jr. Jr. which means two things, 1. She’s f*cking all the time and 2. She’s country stupid. Remember this?


Brit was showing her the ropes back then and from the look of the expression on that face, she already had some ahem field study underway. Jaime Lynn is now the same age Britney was when she unleashed the freak back in her first recording days. It’s only natural that a 16 year old Jaime will endeavor to cut raw dog and get knocked up just like her sister did back then.

The questions is not “Is she Pregnant?”, if you’re a Spears girl and above the age of 15, you’re either preggers or fixin to be, the issue is whether she’ll be preggers for long! My guess is no.


Come on now, yall know Brit was 5 months away from either “gonna be pregnant” or “used to be pregnant” in that shot. It’s just the way of the young and stupid freak.

Damn, I’m always surprised at how tight Britney used to look. Intern, run another Brit pic at me for old times sake.


Oh yes, I remember it well. My goodness, it’s pretty crazy when you consider how far she’s fallen off.

– Lake


Damn.  That is messed up. I was going to put ol’ Jamie-Lynn on the watch list for the second coming of Britney.  She had a shot once she filled out and got the Spears family boob job.  At least Britney got a few glory years in.  Now Brit Jr. is going to go straight from this:


To this:


By the way, the interns found this pic I had never seen before.


She just propped right up in those boots, huh?  Damn…the thrill is gone.  The best part of the internet may just be the instantly accessible preservation of these memories.


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6 Responses to “Britney Jr. is Preggers, of course she is!!!”

  1. h8torade Says:

    sad sad day…I had so much hope for Brit Brit Jr and now her body too will be morphed into Jell-O……

  2. Haley Shepard Says:

    well first of all they are both sluts!
    my little sister ust to look up to jamie watch her shows and now my little sister can not stand her!
    they both dicuss me!!!!!!

  3. Danielle Says:

    well first off…Haley Shepard…if you’re going to trash talk someone you should maybe learn how to spell first; it’s DISGUST not dicuss… and what does it matter…worry about your own life, not someone elses.

  4. Archangel Says:

    Christ, can’t u sorry bastards just leave people like Britney and Jamie-Lynn alone?!! Why don’t you take a nice day trip to Iraq and take pictures of some REAL news not sifting threw these peoples trash! Damn, what buisness is it of yours what they do whith their lives??? Correct. Non-at-all.

    Peace and love. Bless me father for I am sin.

  5. Lake Arlington Says:

    Sorry my man, can’t do that. Alas, we are assholes.. Besides, we don’t take advice from the UK my main. Cheers.

  6. cyndi Says:

    Um how pathetic are you people
    did britney spears or jamie lyn ever do anything to hurt you?
    say anything at all about you, do anything at all too you?
    they are living their lives, odviously not how they want to because of absoulutely pathetic people like you who take the time to make websites or post things like this on websites about them,
    why don’t you live your own life, actually you odviously have no life whatsoever if this is what you spend your time doing.

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