The sun came up, water was wet and Duke crushed Albany


I know, I know, nobody cares…


It’s true, hell, I don’t even care. Still, I just have to say that after last year, it’s refreshing for a Duke squad to be able to drop a nuclear bomb on a team like that. I mean, these cats posted a clean 111 points on those fools and probably half of those came from three. Marky was out there like a sharp shooter.


Just hitting those fools with a plethora of three balls. Nolan really showed us a thing or two as well. He’s still out there playing a bit of street ball, but this cat has a ridiculously bright future at Duke and should get plenty of time all year long.


And Scheyer, he was just all around gangster on them.


He was really out there looking like JJ Redick Jr. Jr., but with better handles, a better overall game (at the same stage) and more quickness. That behind the back, half wrap around flip pass was sick. See, last night just lets you know how far we’ve come in a year. I’m confident that we’d murder VCU (sorry Maryland) right about now. In fact, I’m quite certain that this year we’ll really run those inferior teams out the gym this year. Something we failed to do at times last season.


What we’ll do with real squads with real size remains to be seen. Like I have no clue what Duke will do against Balco T and the rest of the heels. Sheeyut, Pittsburg will be a hell of a test at the end of this week. I’ll be sacrificing a large endangered feline at high noon on Thursday in preparation for what hopefully will be a big win.

Good work fellas… Go Duke.

– Lake

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