Assymetically thick yes, but is it all hers?


When I first saw the Asymmetrically thick Angel Lola Luv, I just figured it was a Coco T special. And in all fairness, we’ll give you one “airbrush free”:


And one, “airbrush please”:


Wow. Dude, looking at this, it just makes me want to shut the post down right here. I mean, are you serious? Still I must push on.

I mean, who among us doesn’t 1. Know that’s Coco’s boobs are fake –

and 2. Think that ass is fake –


Alright, that’s fine. Call it cultural bias, but I always just assumed that Lola Luv’s ass was so crazy that it just had to be real. I mean, even if you could build that ass, you probably wouldn’t. You wouldn’t go with that low hanger, you’d raise it up a little, right? I mean, you can’t complain as a dude, but if you had to build it from scratch, I think most people would set it a bit higher while maintaining the thunder, punch and overall mass.

But what about those breast-tah-sises? I mean, I just figure when you’re killing it to the south, you just give the north a free pass. I’ll be honest, I figure whatever you have it’s better than the silicone enhancements, but once you’re into entertainment, all bets are off. Like I’m quite sure Melyssa Ford is not all natural.


I saw her in person and it looked like two torpedoes were coming for me (not that I was complaining or anything).


Anyway, I’m getting way off track. The point of all this is that I was bumping around the internet today, just doing what I do, and I saw this video of ole girl doing her photo shoot for XXL Mag. Now maybe it’s just me, but I’m beginning to believe that this chick Lola Luv is completely au natural. Judge for yourselves.
Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.worldstarhiphop. posted with vodpod

Dude, wasn’t that wild? Did you see the way everything just laid in there? I really think the chick is all natural. It’s all hers. Next thing you’ll tell me that wig piece is hers too. I know, I know, she’s got Ethiopian in her… believe me, I already know the arguments for it being her real hair. Only, almost nobody rolls weave free these days. I mean, Beyonce rocks a new weave every single day! Which I hate by the way. Out.

– Lake

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3 Responses to “Assymetically thick yes, but is it all hers?”

  1. JW Says:

    First off, yall are my dudes I check this regularly. Secondly, I checked that throwback vid on Angel… Man, that chick is about as real as a rick ross yayo track. She definitely spent some time spread eagle on the surgical table.

  2. friday Says:

    ok, so i found no blogs on bone thugs. but i did read my man will’s comments you made about bone thugs. first off, if you even listen to hip hop in this day and age, you have to give those dudes credit. seeing as how they only influenced about 90 percent of the artists out now. peep nelly, ray cash, eminem, lil wayne, kanye west, and chamillionaire, to name a few. the singsong flow, harmonizing (and yes, i’ve seen them and personally hang out with them when they came in town, they do perform certain songs acapella), and the rapid fire lyrics have even influenced the greats, living as well as posthumosly (check jay z, biggie, tupac, twista). so i only ask that next time you check the facts first. you can’t sell over 40 million albums and not make a dent in the history of hip hop. you can’t etch your name in the history books by being a one hit wonder (crossroads was awesome at best, broke the beatles’ record, for christs sake, but they’ve continued to consistently drop hot albums (excluding Thugs Stories) they’ve faired better on by going gold at least on every album since the first. who started the whole screaming out we thugs shit, anyway? it was in the name. everybody was a gangsta rapper before that. no one was singing choruses on thier own songs who wasn’t an r&b artist before they did it. now everyone’s doing it (using that stupid ass vocoder with no respect to roger troutman), and the texas rappers have pretty much taken over the style (z-ro, big pokey to name a few). who was rapping so fast you had to buy the tape (remember those?) when you heard the single and keep rewinding it until you had all the lyrics written down and could keep up with them? who was singing ballads about weed? who was the first to mention getting hated on by others? not no one. only the one and only bone thugs. so you keep on posting pics on kim k and coco and angel lola luv. great job, by the way, love the pics. i’m gonna keep buying every bone thugs album to make sure they keep putting new ones out.

  3. chulo Says:

    You know what, even that is real, is that really hot? Say you take Vida Guerra as just a consistently natural chick (maracas game aside), bringing that caribe thunder in full effect. She’s got a consistent game all through the legs and thighs, girl is thick. But Lola Luv is rockin them skinny Ethiopian marathon runner legs and the -BAM- you got saggy medicine ball sized cheeks. Seriously? Is that really what you wanna be hittin? Your Assology 101 piece is what brought me to this blog, literally like the ass signal, assman can’t resist. Lola Luv breaks all the tenets of what makes a great culo. Real, Fake, it doesn’t matter, its not right.

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