Nominations for UvT Man and Woman of the Year


It’s getting close to that time. The year is coming to a close and of course, we have to go ahead and begin the painstaking task of crowning our people of the year. So please, by all means, send us your nominations for UvT man and woman of the year. It’s a merit based award and as always, we’re keeping it positive. No, Bullshit Cat of the Year. Worst Song of the Year, Terrible Chick of the Year. Or Muthafucka of the Year.. nah. This is all going to be high level, thoughtful and of course, classy. ha

Let me just kick it off. I, Lake Arlington, MD, nominate Noelia for woman of the year. Let me explain. Noelia is still bad as shit. I mean, BAD!!! The babe is just ridiculous and she brings a diversity of looks. She can hit you from the top angle.


Show it from back.


Shoot it from the hip.


Take it high.


Keep it Low.


And for those who don’t know, she’s got finishing moves. They may be NSFW, but they are indeed impressive. Seriously, this aint a triple threat, this babe can hit you from any and every angle at any time, period. And peep how her look changes up, but no matter what it is, it’s still dope.


She can go fast, take the thing slow, get sentimental:


And she can go artistic.


Plus she can sing, allegedly. I haven’t gotten that far with my analysis of the babe, but hell, even her mother has some thangs going on.


Tell me another woman who has given this site so much and yet asked for so little in return? I mean, I’m not even sure she speaka the English and I like it that way.  I mean, just look at those pictures. Baby girl is sensual, seductive, hot as all hell and ready to rock. Now, how do I know she’s ready to rock? Or better put, how do I know that in addition to running that 4.3 40 yard dash, having that 43 inch vertical and being able to bench 380 20 times that she can still play this game at the highest of levels? Because I saw that damn sex tape ( NSFW).

I’ve seen the babe in action and let me tell you, she’s a BEAST. I mean, look, I didn’t actually see the tape, of course, but I heard that she was just giving the camera every single thing it wanted and jsut when you thought you saw what you needed to see, she took it to that Not Safe For Work NEXT level. WOW. The full video can be found here and it’s aggressive. So there you have it.

Indeed, Noelia is my first nomination of UvT Woman of the Year. If you have any thoughts, comments or nominations of your own, drop us a commet.
– Lake

3 Responses to “Nominations for UvT Man and Woman of the Year”

  1. Tone Loc Says:

    Don’t forget Vida… She’s person of the year for everything she’s done for me. I know that. Since she starred in pee on you, I haven’t looked back.

  2. Tha G Says:

    The way ya’ll been sweatin Angel Lola Luv lately she gotta be a candidate. If the arse is real, good for her…if its fake, good for the doctor that did the work. All she needs is a sex tape…oh yea, I heard rappers used to pay her for sex…is that a tape I see on the horizon?!?!

  3. Lake Arlington Says:

    G, I hear you. Gotta sweat it as it’s pretty stupid, no? All I can say about the tail is that if it were fake, why make it so low slung? Gotta be real…Got any nominations for chick of the year?

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