Told you so, Roger Clemens is the….


juice.jpg 10-24clemenscolorsub.jpg

And he’s an asshole.


HGH is a hell of a Drug…


How’s that for an asterisk? So all that fake, Barry Bonds outrage can stop anytime now. These media types are so hilarious. They provided the public with all this information about Barry being a jerk, something we would have no way of knowing otherwise. Then they crucified him for bring that jerk under the pretext of ‘Roids and the All-time home run record. THEN they sat back and did exactly what they did during the McGwire-Sosa home run race, turned a blind eye to what was obviously the exact same “activity” and juiced infused accomplishments of “their guys” like Clemens and Pettite! Right, pitchers all of a sudden get BETTER with age, that makes perfect sense. No, it wasn’t that they didn’t know, THEY DIDN’T CARE! It’s the classic double standard cloaked in their typical transparent, self-righteous bullshit.


Just because you like a guy, doesn’t make it ok for him to juice up and if it does (and clearly it does in the minds of the media) then the least you can do is have the decency to treat Barry B the same way. Instead, these guys isolated the steroids issue to Bonds alone. Disgraceful.

Free Barry Bonds! He’s just a product of the times, just like all your “good guys” who give you the grab ass interviews you desire.


Believe me, I do too, only, I don’t find you funny at all either. Hypocrites.

– Lake

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One Response to “Told you so, Roger Clemens is the….”

  1. vect97 Says:

    yeah i hate greeny too. golic is the man… Notre Dame 2008

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