Arthur Blank is an Asshole


Check this interview with Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons last night when asked to talk about Michael Vick’s opportunity to come back to the Falcons.

Did he say the only thing that could hold him back was Fried Chicken and Fries? Damn, tell us what you really think. I guess watermelon is cool since it is fruit, huh? Should he stay away from government cheese and rap music too?


In his half baked apology, some PR hack said that Blank was referring to all fatty, unhealthy foods, using Fried Chicken as an example. Yeah, thanks Fuzzy Zoeller. Look, here are some words you should never use when discussing Black people. Fried Chicken. Watermelon. Monkey or simian of any type. Boy. Nappy Headed Hoes. Afro AmericanNi**er.

While we are on the subject, the Falcons are a damn debacle at this point.


How does a NFL coach just tap with two games left in the season after getting drug on national TV by a mediocre New Orleans Saints team? It can’t wait two weeks? Arkansas isn’t going to pull down a five star quarterback about to sign with USC because Bobby Petrino is the new coach.

It will be 2011 before the Falcons are scheduled to play on Monday night again. Dammit!


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2 Responses to “Arthur Blank is an Asshole”

  1. Unncalled4 Says:

    Fried Chicken and Fries is racism??


    Who gives a fuck anyway? Vick is done. I doubt they will allow him play since his image ALONE in bad for brand NFL.

  2. fletcher spearman Says:

    i love animals but its fucked up when animals are more important than a mans right to earn a living. on and the NFL lost the BEST DAMN PLAYER EVER!!!!!!!!! FREE VICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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